User Manual Cuplok () – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. User Guide SGB Cuplock Scaffold System. Uploaded by. S. GUIDANCE NOTE. This manual is valid only for the use of. Genuine TRADLOK System Scaffold, manufactured and supplied by TRAD Hire and Sales Limited. This document is subject to periodic revision and updating. Before designing scaffolds with. Systems™ Scaffold components, visit to be.

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All verticals should be erected plumb.

Galvanized steel pipe galvanized scaffolding ringlock ladder bracket made in China. Intermediate transoms cannot be used in trapezium bays and therefore the length of these shown in the following tables has been limited to cater for the allowable span of a 38mm scaffold board.

If exposed to high winds, stability checks must be made. Mamual forces should be distributed over all verticals as evenly as possible. Firstly, the total horizontal load per panel should be divided by the number of lines of diagonal bracing per panel in the design examples there is only one line of diagonal bracing.

Base Jack Extension Components 3. The largest main lift page for Grade 43 and page or for Grade 50 steel.

Face Bracing Face bracing is required over the full height for one bay in every four. The diameters, shown in the Tables on pageapply to scaffolds around the outside of circular structures.

Ledgers are used as handrails They may be made up from standard Working platforms and safety scaffold boards.

The design of the forkhead allows the primary timber beams to be sloped along their length and also to be sloped in the transverse direction, so that the secondary timber beams fully contact the top surface of the primary beams. Earlier brackets are deep and have different end detail. Due allowance should be made for the plywood thickness if this is not in place at the time.


Scaffold Board on top and nailed down if gap between adjacent decks exceeds regulations. A guide to the reduced loading is given for the following 5 cases: Some of the horizontals on the outside of the curve of the scaffold must be moved to a different level and cupock the commonest case of providing access around the outside of a structure then the horizontal is manuzl up by 1m to form a guardrail.

In any event the bracing system must be capable to take-up all the horizontal loads. The bracing adaptor allows lacing with Cuplok horizontals. Scafgolding sub- section of the calculation has to be examined to see whether this additional load makes scaffoldint total load exceed that which is permissible. See page When providing access around the inside of a curve i. Horizontals to be checked for level.

Cuplock Scaffolding Manual, Cuplock Scaffolding Manual Suppliers and Manufacturers at

Details are given for guidance only. If cantilever brackets are used, these must be loaded last and there must be sufficient weight on the main structure to ensure stability. Take care that the structure is stable in the unloaded condition, especially if towers of narrow structures are used. The Cuplok verticals must be checked to ensure that grade 50c steel only is delivered to site i. Verticals should be plumb to within 15mm over 2m of height subject to a maximum displacement from the vertical of 25mm.

See page for platforms must be fully boarded details. Remember me on this computer.

The staircase units act as both plan braces and diagonal braces. The base of the forkhead is then sloped to give proper support to the timbers by rotating the small handles on the socket at the bottom of the forkhead. The safe working load on platforms, erected as shown, is 1. Again, care should be taken in the design of taller structures, paying particular attention to the overturning of the towers. It may therefore be necessary to make this calculation in two parts, firstly for those horizontal loads from sources other than wind, and secondly for the horizontal load solely due to wind.


The galvanized surface makes scaffolding plank more stronger in the rainy days and moist environment. Page for Grade 43 and page or for Grade 50 Verticalsthe top and base lifts unbraced. The resultant figure is the additional vertical load on the verticals where the diagonal bracing terminates and may act either upwards or downwards.

CUPLOK Data Sheets | Ramakrishnan Sundaram –

The extension of the jack at the top, and the bottom, should be balanced, to give equal load carrying capacity, as shown on Data Sheets onwards.

See also the notes on page Top Lift 1. When forkhead or base jack bracing is required, then shortbridle tubes should be used to provide a connection for the bracing. To ensure that the structure is constrained to this mode of buckling, diagonal bracing should be provided capable of resisting a notional horizontal load of 2.

cuplock scaffolding manual

This may be removed when further ties have been positioned. The unbraced scaffold is maximum 3 lifts high.

For braced scaffolds an mqnual diagonal brace must extend from forkhead to base plate level. Jack extension is a variable on the graphs and curves are given for horizontal forces of 0, 1, 2, 2.

Note the limitation shown on the tie pattern diagrams for the horizontal or vertical span of such arrangements.