Library of Flight. The Design of the Airplane, Second Edition. Darrol Stinton, Loughborough University of Technology. print ISBN: Darrol Stinton MBE, PhD, CEng, FRAeS, FRINA, MIMechE, RAF(Retd) was born in who worked in the design offices of the Blackburn and De Havilland aircraft. permission of the publisher. British Library. Cataloguing in Publication Data. Stinton, Darrol. The design of the aeroplane. 1. Airplanes – Design and construction.

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The nature of air; Arrangement of surfaces; Drag, flaps and wakes. Added to Your Shopping Cart.

Ov 5 – Project Examples: He is qualified test pilot and aeronautical engineer who worked in the design offices of the Blackburn and De Havilland aircraft companies before joining the RAF. Fuselages, hulls and floats; Choice of landing gear; Longitudinal stability; Control surfaces; Lateral and directional stability and spinning; How big and how heavy.


Power for flight; Reciprocating engines; Turbine engines – and a range equation. Layout, including ‘Using the back of an envelope’; Appendices; Index.

The Design of the Airplane -Darrol Stinton – Free Download PDF

Section 2 – Aerodynamics: Would you like to change to the Austria site? Description The new edition of this classic textbook, used by universities, training schools, industry and enthusiasts, has been extended to feature a number of new studies in practical aeroplane design.

Table of contents Reviews Features Section 1 – Introduction: Looks like you are currently in United States but have requested a page in the Austria site. His company specializes in cross-fertilization between aircraft and marine craft design and operation.

Design of the Aeroplane, 2nd Edition. Mathematics – which general readers may skip – is the minimum needed to work out common sense shapes, aimed at meeting the certification requirements of the three world airworthiness authorities: Airworthiness the object; Vocabulary of Design. Section 3 – Stjnton Land and seaplanes are included, from microlight and commuter, to a seat surface-effect ekranoplan regional transport, to satisfy specific markets.


Hubin, ‘The Science of Flight’ on the first edition “This is a well-written and interesting text stiinton should be enjoyed by a wide spectrum of readers” Light Aviation, Spring A new chapter, on “Using the back of an envelope”, shows how to make “ballpark” technical judgements.

Section 4 – Operational Characteristics: His test flying spanned 35 years and more than types of aircraft, first as an experimental test pilot at Farnborough; then 20 years as airworthiness certification test pilot for the UK Civil Aviation Authority on light aeroplanes and seaplanes, before turning freelance.