This unwieldy thriller from bestseller Morrell (First Blood) becomes so caught up in its headlong action that it never stops to explore the. Creepers is a horror novel by Canadian writer David Morrell. This is Morrell’s twenty-fourth novel. Plot summary[edit]. This section’s plot summary may be. Scavenger, it’s called, and the sought-after prize has been hidden away by a nutcase who sees unmistakable resemblances between himself.

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Nov 07, Ms.


Pretty good two -book series. The history of the Paragons owner, Morgan Carlisle, is told to the group by Conklin. And the villain and his ideologies were mind-boggling awesome. It’s a while since I’ve read “Creepers” this is a loose sequel to that book. Nikki rated it did motrell like it Shelves: Frank Balenger, the emotionally banged-up hero of the Stoker Award—winning Creepersfinds he must play an elaborate time-travel game to save himself and his lover, blonde, blue-eyed Amanda Evert, who reminds him so much of his late wife.

More By and About This Author. Scavenger David Morrell, Author. I don’t agree with those comparisons.

Tod reveals that the reason they came was to steal from the seemingly morrelp vault of a gangster named Carmine Danata, who was a frequent guest of the Hotel and was supposed to be a friend of Carlisle. Very enjoyable and informative on a topic you don’t really hear much about.

Instead, it just looks like lazy writing. If they don’t obey the rules, the Master can remotely destroy each player. They decide to leave but the stairs begin to sway and the Professor injures his leg.


May 07, Donn Lorber rated it did not like it. After the Professor is safe, Balenger and the others notice scavwnger sound in davd distance, which to their horror they realize is whistling to a song Rick played earlier.

At the outset, there are five, all brought to the starting line after being drugged and kidnapped.

Morrell writes as if he were the first to discover these concepts and trying to share with the reader what most people already know. New readers will want to seek out his older work first. I’ve figured out another ploy that authors use. But this game isn’t one of survival for the man; it is one that is closely related to video games–think if reality TV and XBOX had a love child. Vinnie is injured in a shootout but Balenger and Amanda are able to help him to scavenget roof.

The Best Scavenher of Then Ronnie himself appears on the screen and waves to them while welding the door they got in from shut. This unwieldy thriller from bestseller Morrell First Blood becomes so caught up in its headlong action that it never stops to explore the possibilities of its intriguing premise.

I especially loved the new scaevnger between Amanda and Frank.

All in all, this book was not as effective as Creepers, but still gets a mild recommendation. Kept my attention until the end though – lots of twists and turns. Books by David Morrell. You’re in the right place He’s with the lead detective when the officer is killed, by a falling wheelbarrow. A lot of the reviews I read compared this book to the Saw Movies franchise. With 40 hours to complete their mission and reach their goal, it is a question of will they A fast read with a good amount of suspense.


I didn’t realize how many time capsules there have been and how many are lost. This was particularly disappointing since I really enjoyed the author’s Creepers – which features some of the same characters. May 29, Libby rated it liked it Shelves: Ma alle mie spalle odo continuamente l’alato carro del tempo che si avvicina veloce: October Learn how and when to remove this template message. We get some inexplicable law enforcement shortsightedness. But sometimes the past is buried for a reason.

Scavenger (Frank Balenger, #2) by David Morrell

If scaenger don’t know about geocaching or letterboxing, you will want to know everything about it after reading this one. Tod is killed, but the others manage to escape to the nearby beach. Drugged, yes, conscripted, no, Frank awakens on the site of an abandoned hotel in Asbury Park, N.