Safehold (10 Book Series) by David Weber. All Formats Kindle Edition. From Book 1: Humanity pushed its way to the stars – and encountered the Gbaba. Editorial Reviews. Review. “A nice blend of historical combat and survival fiction. Through Fiery Trials (Safehold Book 10) – Kindle edition by David Weber. Safehold Cemeteries (and the Jihad) by Erls» Fri Dec 28, am, 3, , Julia Minor Fri Dec 28, pm. Spoilers-Amazon’s “Look Inside” TFT.

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One of Thirsk’s aides diverts suspicion, posing as a Charisian agent. He performs a minor webee penance to control the outrage over the Ferayd massacre. In secret, Merlin teaches the Charisians how to replace their war galleys with a revolutionary fleet of ships of the line.

Enraged, Merlin slips behind enemy lines under the guise of “Dialydd Mab” Welsh for “Avenging Son”slaying many agents of the Inquisition.

Through Fiery Trials

Read Currently Reading Want to Read. Yet, amid the tragedy, success in the war becomes possible. Merlin prepares contingency plans. Eventually, the Reformists liberate nearly all of Siddarmark.

Book 6 part 2. Book 5 safeold 1. Das neue Abenteuer der Nimue-Alban-Reihe! Die Flotte von Charis by David Weber. Book 6 part 1. By Heresies Distressed by David Weber. Clyntahn nearly has enough support to declare Holy War, so he bides his time.

This page was last edited on 1 Septemberat Archbishop Staynair makes a visit to Corisande and does much to encourage ecumenism across the Empire of Charis.


Later, Clyntahn is presented incontrovertible webre of the lies that the Church is founded on, and goes to the gallows a broken man. This article is about the David Weber post-apocalyptic science fiction novel series.

With new alliances forged and old regimes fractur… More. They name it Safehold. By Schism Rent Asunder. Dagid by 14 of our members. Book 3 part 1.

Safehopd survives the winter and Cayleb’s forces arrive. Princess Irys’ wedding in Corisande is interrupted by a suicide bomber in Clyntahn’s service. Hell’s Foundations Quiver by David Weber.

Safehold Series

Lieutenant Hektor Aplyn-Ahrmahk, Duke of Darcos, and his men meet up with the fugitives after defeating their pursuers. Cayleb assembles his forces and embarks for the first target, Corisande. Therefore, it is decided, Safehold cannot yet confront the truth about its past. Back in Charis, Emperor Cayleb retaliates by ordering the summary execution of captured Inquisition agents.

Clarke Award for best science fiction novel published in the United Kingdom. The Empire of Harchong’s massive serf army becomes modernized and remains a grave threat, but Charisian commanders express confidence that total victory is within reach.

Off Armageddon Reef by David Weber. Her new husband Duke Hektor is severely wounded; Merlin barely manages to save his life. A Mighty Fortress novel.

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The upcoming, tenth book in the Safehold series, to be released on January 8, [1]. Shelve Midst Toil and Tribulation.


Frustrated Temple Loyalists abduct davix torture him to death. Merlin adopts the guise of “Ahbraim Zhevons” of Silkiah to help Madam Ahnzhelyk Phonda get as many to safety as possible. A terrible winter sets in as the Temple’s vast Army of God prepares to march, leaving the future in doubt.

With Merlin’s guidance, Charis finds a way around it and forces his surrender. Prince Nahrmahn of Emerald capitulates and becomes imperial spymaster. Yet Langhorne follows his own plan: Shelve Die Eiserne Festung. General Hanth launches a new offensive against the Royal Dohlaran Army and, using combined-arms strategy enabled by squad-level infantry tactics and massive artillery barrages, proceeds to dig the RDA out of entrenched defenses that had been thought impregnable.

Charis hangs the priests responsible, an unprecedented action.

The series is mostly set around the 31st century, on a distant world dubbed “Safehold” where a group of humans are in hiding from the Gbaba, an enemy responsible for the end of all other human civilization. Shan-Wei’s side retaliates, killing Langhorne and most of his allies, sparking the “War Against the Safebold among the survivors. Die Streitmacht by David Weber. Merlin by David Weber.