El Decreto de fecha 23 de abril de , publicado en Gaceta Oficial Nº el Impuesto sobre la Renta es a través de las retenciones en la fuente, es decir. Decreto Persona Natural Residente. Ejemplo: A una persona natural residente le pagan Bs. por concepto de Honorarios. RETENCIONES BASE LEGAL ley del impuesto sobre la renta Art. 87 sistema de retenciones. AGENTE DE RETENCION VENEZUELA Autores;.

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Use finely designed building blocks and edit everything inline. Organize yourself with efficient todo lists and notes.


This module has the intention to put available out of the box the chart ofaccount for Colombia in Openerp. Use the survey designer to adapt questions to your own process. All procurement orders will be processed immediately, which could in somecases entail a small performance impact.

Given a product serial number prodlotit’s able to retrieve the Fleet and Partner and know if a product is still covered by a maintenance contract or not.

After installing this module, portal users will be able to access their own documentsvia the following menus: With OpenERP, you will not be frustrated by retencionew rigid system. This module lets you transfer the entries under tasks defined for ProjectManagement to the Timesheet line entries for particular date and particular userwith the effect of creating, editing and deleting either ways.

In this way this module will generate expenses reports based on multiple supplier invoices and a new expense module. Otherwise, it generates an error message: Define steps for interviews and OpenERP will notify managers or subordinates automatically to prepare appraisals.


It may also increase your stock size because products are reserved as soon as possible and the scheduler time range is not taken into account anymore. This module adds a wizard to help reversing moves. This module allows you to automate and connect your registration creation withyour main sale flow and therefore, to enable the invoicing feature of registrations. Send thesequotes by email and let your customer sign online.

You have an option to print the desired report in Landscape format. It adds sales name and sales Reference on production order. You can drag and drop your event if you want moved it to another timing.

Keep track of the time spent by project, client or task. Benefit from the power of OpenERP, in your online store: This business game will help you to discover OpenERP and it’s enterprise management processes. This module allows authorized users to import a custom data module. Employees enter their requests paid holidays, sick leave, etcfor managers to approve and validate.

Lets the company customize which Pad installation should decretoo used to link to newpads by default, http: Joomla Virtuemart eCommerce interface synchronisation. That feature isvery handy when used in combination with the module ‘share’. It is able to render planning, order tasks, eso. With this module you can personnalize the sale order and invoice report withseparators, page-breaks or subtotals.

OpenERP Accounting allows a better way to collaborate with your accountants, your customers and control your suppliers.

This is the module to export entries lines for one fiscal year. This is mostly used when a user encode his timesheet: It supports different kind of members: Product Decay the goal of this module, retenviones to estimate the average price of the remaining product stock using the following assertions: Once installed, check the menu ‘Ideas’ in the ‘Tools’ main menu. Get an awesome catalog of products and great product descriptionpages.


This module allows you to manage different charges on invoices and create journal entries on validation of invoice. The base retemciones to manage quotations and sales orders. Some information are restricted to HR managers, others are public to retnciones look colleagues. New fields for Additional Information added: This is really useful to track the exact hardware of a product with electronic products fro instance.

decreto 1808 islr pdf to excel

This module will add this functionality by using a interim account, tostore the value of shipped goods and will contra book this interimaccount when the invoice is created to transfer this amount to thedebtor or creditor account.

It is integrated with sales and accounting to allow you to automatically invoice and send propositions for membership renewal. By far the most beautiful and full featured accounting software.

That you can only add one supplier to a deceto per company2. Add menu to show relevant information for each manager. Set the”Cross-Dock” route on products or per sale order lines.