Dell Studio (PP39L) Number of battery cells, 6. Energy reserve, 56 W*h. Dimensions and weight. Width, mm. Length, mm. Thickness, 39 mm. View full Dell Studio 15 specs on CNET. Dell Studio 15 Laptop Computer (Intel Unknown/NA T, GB HDD, 2GB RAM). Part Number: DNDWUW1. View full Dell Studio SB specs on CNET. Notebook type. Thin-and- light ( lbs.) Screen type. Widescreen. Manufacturer. Dell, Inc.

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Also shop in Also shop in. Slide the optical drive to the side and lift the optical drive from the computer base.

The slot-in makes a tray unnecessary. Close the display and turn the computer over.

Dell Studio 1558

Remove the AC adapter cable from the routing guide. The N61 scored 5, on 3DMark06, more dwll 2, points higher than the Studio Display Panel Removing the Display Panel 1. Set up adjacent to a window, directly radiating light sources or even bright clothing can cause strong disturbances. Removing the Speaker Assembly 1.

Lift the antenna cables from the securing tabs and speecs them from the routing channel. The touchpad is a little small for pinching and zooming, one of the enabled gestures, but scrolling along either the right or bottom edge of the trackpad felt pretty natural.

Secure the camera cable, display cable, and power button cable to their routing guides. The gray antenna cable may not be p3p9l in all computers. Connect the AC adapter cable to the system board connector.

The interface’s transfer rates can be described as throughout good and usually supply over-average rates with In view of this, the current price also seems to be very low in relation to performance, which is very attractive for the complete package at hand. Acer Aspire G. I have tried changing the discs and type of discs like data, software, music.


Replace the display bezel see Replacing the Display Bezel. Replace the screw that secures the USB connector. At maximum performance, and still without load, it rises to While the Studio 15 isn’t as powerful a gaming machine, it might be the more practical choice for people who want to unplug it and use it around the home.

When the hard drive is not in the computer, store it in protective antistatic packaging. Remove the four screws two on each side of the display panel securing the brackets to the display panel and remove the brackets.

Lift the camera board from the display cover.

Both the lid and keyboard deck have a glossy surface, but neither picks up fingerprints. Replacing the Palm Rest 1.

Dell Studio 15 () Review

Remove the four screws securing the hard drive assembly to the computer base. While the Studio 15 eschews many current design trends–matte or metallic surfaces, island keyboards–it’s nonetheless attractive and comfortable. The Studio has a stable stance even with a removed battery because the support feet are placed on the rear left and right corner independent of the battery. Remove the display hinges. Use firm and even pressure to slide the card into place.

Currently, you can’t get a quad-core CPU notebook sppecs at that price. To avoid electrostatic discharge, ground yourself by using a wrist grounding strap or by periodically touching an unpainted metal surface such pp39l the back panel on the computer. The computer turns off after the operating system shutdown pp39ll finishes. Place the system board on computer base.


The Studio 15 also took 10 extra seconds to boot up, for a total of 1: The CPU bids the option of overclocking the regular rate for one core from 1.

Dell PP39L

The bass is actually strong enough to feel with your hand on the keyboard. One of the darker chapters in specw review is the noise development field. Please share our article, every link counts! Replace the four screws that secure the hard drive assembly to the computer base. For cable connectors with locking tabs, press inward on the locking tabs to release the connector.

Click Save this program to disk, and then click OK. Replace the ten screws on the palm rest. Place the hard drive assembly in the computer base. Remove the two screws one on each side securing the display hinges to the display wpecs.

Install the drivers and utilities for your spfcs, as needed see the Dell Technology Guide. For that, you get a 2.

Overall, the built-in speakers and subwoofer are good and external speakers or headphones are only a must-have accessory with this laptop if you want privacy. Removing the Center Control Cover 1 1.

Follow the instructions in Before You Begin. Removing the ExpressCard Board 1.