Translation of ‘Der Doppelgänger’ by Franz Schubert from German to English. Nov. 1 Schubert: “Doppelgänger” ), “Der Doppelgänger”, Monat Mai: dreimal sieben Lieder nach Schumann und Schubert, no. Songs. Der Doppelgänger Dm Du Doppelgänger! du bleicher Geselle! first published by Gollancz and reprinted in the Hyperion Schubert Song Edition.

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It is also interesting to note that the B— A —D— C motive from measures 1—4 can be found in measures 59—62 transposed to E minor: Doppelgnegr am not suggesting that the introduction is initially heard as being modally ambiguous it is clearly heard in B minorrather I am trying to illuminate a scgubert structure imbedded within this opening that foreshadows larger actions in both the music and text.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Memoirs by His Friends trans. Fahrt zum Hades D. Multiple implications of each dyad in mm. Furthermore, as the penultimate chord of the composition, the subdominant appears in the position at which one most expects to find the dominant. Schubert’s WerkeSerie XX: However, as of measure 2, it is still possible to consider the piece in B major due to the tonal ambiguity of the first measuremaking it conceivable for the missing note to be a D.

The piano motive is altered to B—A—D— Ctransforming the second chord measure 10 into a minor dominant contradicting the implications of measure 2and then reducing it to a bare octave on the third beat. It is known that Schubert suffered from syphilis, an incurable disease at that time, which he probably contracted in Sams From Pratt Harp Collection.


The singer is the late great Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau. The fact that this is not the tonic key, accentuates the instability of the original dominant. The collection was named by its first publisher Tobias Haslinger, schubetr wishing to present it as Schubert’s final musical testament to the world.

Auf den Tod einer Nachtigall D. The University of Chicago Press.

Der Doppelgänger – Wikipedia

Gretchen am Spinnrade D. Die Befreier Europas in Paris D.

Das grosse Halleluja D. As with their poetic counterparts, the two terms are mirror images of each other, one major, the other minor.

Web page content is available under the CPDL copyright license ; please see individual editions for their copyright terms. Taken cer Encyclopedia Britannica to view the full article, click hereand Wikipedia to view the full article, click here.

Arranger Teo Vincent IV. Rather, they are, respectively, the French- and German-sixth chords derived from the key of E. La pastorella al prato D. This entry was scchubert on July 12, at 7: Individually, however, none of the chords are complete, hence each dyad potentially implies more than one harmony see Example 2.

Free Art License Edition notes: Major third lowerin g minor. An mein Klavier D. Retrieved from ” https: An die Geliebte D. Laura am Klavier D.

Notify me of new comments via email. Antigone und Oedip D. University of Nebraska Press. For the film, see The Double film. Schubert, doppelganger, Heine, song, analysis, key characteristics. Der Tod Oskars D. The resolution of this enigma, however, is not yet complete. With the augmented-sixth in measure 41, the E is joined by G, interrupting, for the first time, the incessant pedal-tone of the Fand forming two-thirds of the subdominant triad.


Der Wanderer an den Mond D. Son fra l’onde D. One might expect the vocal line to supply the missing notes which complete the sonorities as the opening progression is repeated over and over.

Der Doppelgänger

Javascript is required for this feature. Moreover, if the principal character does in fact die at the end, then the final raised B-major chord could not be thought of as a positive resolution, but rather as a dark victory for the subdominant, which succeeds in subverting even the original tonic into its own dominant. Why do you ape the pain of my love Which doppslgnger me upon this spot So many a night, so long ago?

The Ghostly Double The night is quiet, the streets are silent, My beloved lived in this house; She left doppelgjger town a long time ago, But the house still stands in the same place.