with the help of simple but effective change in the design and fabrication of the silencer to reduce the noise and toxic emission levels. Index Terms—Aqua. Aqua Silencer” is an attempt made to deal with the control of overall emissions & undesirable sound at tailpipe of a vehicle, before it is emitted. Impact Factor(JCC): NAAS Rating: Design and Fabrication of Aqua Silencer for Automobiles • To generate a compact model as compared to.

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This is mainly because of small sprockets in water molecules, which lowers its amplitude thus, lowers the sound level.

Hence Aqua Silencer reduces noise and pollution. Evaporative losses of fuel from the fuel tank can be easily avoided by keeping your vehicle parked under shade, instead of parking it under direct sunlight. The whole unit is then placed in a watercontainer i.

Basically an aqua silencer consists of a perforated tube which is installed at theend of the exhaust pipe. The perforated tube may have holes of different diameters. In spite, we cannot ignore the harmful effects of the large mass of the burnt gases, which erodes the purity of our environment every day Air pollution can be defined as an addition to atmosphere of any material, which will have harmful effects on the life on the planet.

On the outer side of reducer coupling, hose pipe reducer will be fitted on which hose pipe can be easily fitted. This mainly because of small sprockets in water molecules, which lowers its amplitude thus, lowers the sound level.


In aqua silencer the gases are made to be dissolved in water. SAE Monthly Magazine In this experimental model the gases are made to be dissolved in water.


Environmental Pollution Analysis- R. In general, the consumption of fuel drsign an index for finding out the economic strength of any country. Fabricated Assembly- Aqua Silencer Figure 4: Dec 07, ; Published: Also a filler plug is mounted at the top of the container.

The water is a good absorbing medium. Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. Also, the use of water decreases overall temperature of exhaust gases coming out via silecner pipe, which may add to greenhouse gases. Also, aqha consumption remains same after implementation of this system. When these gases dissolved in water they form acids carbonates, bicarbonates etc Effect of Dissolved Gases on Water The water is a good absorbing medium.

Sound produced due to operation of an engine can be controlled using water as sound produced under water is less hearable than fabrictaion in environment. Autocar India Professional By using the perforated tubing, there will not be any excessive back pressure formation as high mass bubbles get converted into low mass bubbles. It is also an important issue considering public point of view as an every individual fabrjcation breaths approximately 22, times per day, inhaling about 15 to 22 kg of air every day.

It is especially so, in most of the countries around the globe, a constant research is going on to reduce www.

Perforated tubing will be placed inside the shell This system will use activated charcoal, a specially treated charcoal; which will act as an adsorbent to adsorb harmful gases from vehicle exhaust.

When these gases dissolved in water they form acids, carbonates, bicarbonates etc. WT i Figure 8: The outer shell silencdr be made up of grade- 13 galvanized steel sheet which will be approximately 3mm in thickness.


Nitrate usually occurs in trace quantities in surface water. The verypurpose of silecer different diameter hole is to break up gas mass to form smaller gasbubbles the perforated tube of different diameter.


Effect of Dissolved NOx: Dec 12, ; Paper Id.: Nov 13, ; Accepted: Contamination of water is also found to be negligible after implementation of this system. Internal Combustion Engines- M. Also, this unit will be connected to vehicle exhaust system”s tail pipe using a hose pipe of 1.

Effect of Dissolved C Working Principle of Aqua Silencer of Aqua Silencer Working Principle As the exhaust gases enter in to the aqua silencer, the perforated tube converts highmass bubbles in low mass bubbles after that they pass through charcoal layer which againpurify the gases. Effect of Dissolved SOx: Carbon dioxide mixes with water to form Carbonic acid.

After the flange, there will be a reducer coupling on both the sides, between which a swing check type non-return valve will be placed.

It can be fitted along with or instead of catalytic converter at the tail pipe of exhaust system of a vehicle. A limit of 10 mg per liters of nitrate is acceptable in drinking water. Also there is no effect of it after its installation on fuel efficiency of a vehicle, which may be petrol powered or diesel powered.

At the inlet of the exhaustpipe a non-return valve is provided which prevents the back low of gases and water as well.