THE INDIAN UPRISING Source for information on The Indian Uprising by Donald Barthelme, Reference Guide to Short Fiction dictionary. By: William T. Hathaway “The Indian Uprising” by Donald Barthelme is an iconic short story of the s heralding the defeat of the US empire. The Indian Uprising has 9 ratings and 1 review. Glenn said: The Indian Uprising is among the most popular of Donald Barthelme’s stories, one I.

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“The Indian Uprising” by Donald Barthelme

Have some more booze, Bob, as that will solve all your problems. This parallels the US Army in Vietnam, which was disproportionally from the working class. Retrieved December 31, from Encyclopedia.

We alternate between these two arenas, the public and the private, both of which are collapsing. Donald Barthelme was born to two students at the University of Pennsylvania.

Their art is intended to break through these illusions and reveal the void underneath. Such self-regarding, writerly work is often known as “metafiction.

“The Indian Uprising” by Donald Barthelme – Literary Yard

Postmodern writers create confusion in their works as a way of undermining uprissing concepts of understanding and truth, our received intellectual heritage. But does language really do that? Kinky sex such as masochism and voyeurism is another form of sophistication for him.

Some critics have identified the narrator as a member of the well-educated, affluent urban class, too smug and self-deluded to recognize what is going on around him.

Bob simply gets more and more drunk and falls more and more in love. His latest book, Radical Peace: The story also appears in the author’s Sixty Stories.


Barthelme was drafted into the Korean War inarriving in Korea on July 27, the very day the cease-fire ending the war was signed. Additionally, I recall how during the late sSaturday morning cartoons dinald from funny to hyper-violent, which caused outrage among some to ask: But the yellow ribbon Sylvia wears indicates she may be in love with a cavalry soldier, who is fighting against the Indians.

When he decides that he knows nothing, the narrator goes to Miss R for instruction, who says she reveres only the “hard, brown, nutlike word,” Miss R alternates between berating the narrator and addressing him in fond endearments.

Barthelme’s independence also shows in his moving away from the family’s Roman Catholicism his mother was especially devouta separation that troubled Barthelme throughout his life as did the distance with his father.

Refresh and try again.

Follow on Twitter My Tweets. Maybe the Indians take revenge for the torture. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Things like being beaten up by a dwarf in a bar on Tenerife.

The Indian Uprising | Introduction & Overview

Meaning is contingent, not inherent. One criteria of good art is its ability to last beyond its time. The women in his life are revolutionaries on the side of the Comanches. People Refusing Warpresents the experiences of peace activists who have moved beyond petitions and demonstrations into direct action: America, the land of hard drugs To combat the uprising, Bob notes: Apoorva marked it as to-read Jun 06, The story offers little background information about its narrator, who seems to be one of the leaders of the troops the “Comanches” and their sympathizers are attacking.


But at the same time they are very theoretical themselves.

Introduction & Overview of The Indian Uprising

His world is limited to what his nerve endings come indin contact with, what can be measured. The poet William Carlos Williams had an artistic credo that is appropriate here.

Since a litany is a form of prayer, this passage could indicate that all she can pray to are the dissociated names of things on her list. To ask other readers questions about The Indian Uprisingplease sign up. Ironically, the outrage over the widespread use of hard drugs began once drug usage and addiction entered the fabric of middle class suburbia.

They serve as projections of a generalized anxiety the narrator indiam. Between accounts of the fighting and of ondian torture of a captured Comanche are the narrator’s disjointed observations, conversations with Sylvia his most recent lover, apparentlyyearning for an unidentified “you,” and encounters with a plain, rather stern schoolteacher, Miss R. Is this a mental defending of past history, a defending or justifying the genocide of the Native Americans in previous centuries?

Saba marked it as to-read Jul 11, You are commenting using your WordPress. A selection of his writing is available at http: