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Redefining the specification of a single pen style When you only want to modify the characteristics of a pen as unlimuted as you use this pen you must proceed as follows: For example, you may want to start a new line from the exact center of a circle. Icon shows the icon of the function selected unlimitted the Functions list box.

If you want to draw a square from the center rather than opposite corners, use one of the other polygon tools, specifying four sides. Choosing this command displays the following dialog box: Tangent-Point Arc Tool This tool draws an arc beginning at the first point you specify. You can draftbozrd the default setting by saving changes in the preferences file, prefs. Whenever you construct an object, the status box containing the specification that you are most likely to change is selected the box is highlighted.

You can create a copy draftboadd the last circumscribed polygon by holding down the Ctrl key Macintosh: Select an icon of a function in one of the palettes you want to remove from the palette.

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Option key and clicking where you want the center for the new circle. Using the 3-Point Arc tool If DraftBoard can’t create the arc tangent to an object it will define an alternate construction. Drag straight away from the object in a perpendicular direction.

This information appears either beside the pointer or next to the object itself. Rectangle Corner-Center This tool draws a horizontal or vertical rectangle as a single object, using the center point and one corner point of the rectangle.


The pen takes on the new weight and the weight is selected in the submenu.

It is optional to associate a stroke to define a macro. When the grid is visible, the Drawing Assistant snaps to the grid spacing. You can create a copy of the last ellipse by holding down the Ctrl key Macintosh: Click the Current button.

This command is described later in this chapter. Arrow size The size of an arrowhead is specified in the Arrow size submenu of the Pen menu. The 3 is entered directly in the L box. For example, when the Single or Connected Line tool is the current tool, the Status Line contains boxes for the x, y and z coordinates of the beginning point and the x, y and z values for the endpoint of the line. There are limitations as to what can be encoded in a macro.

DraftBoard Unlimited : Reference Guide

Creating Construction Geometry Non-construction geometry is placed on the work layer. This feature allows a unnlimited to call another macro, which in turn could call the original macro. X Y Angle Length Width The status line allows you to specify the X, Y coordinates of the first corner point, as well as the angle, length and height of the rectangle.

The default pen style is Outline—solid, black lines, 0,35 mm wide. You select a new color for the current pen from the Color submenu in the Pen menu where you find also the command to define your own colors.

Application — RoaringApps

The desired point must be within the hit radius of the pointer. Enter the value 12 into the Steps entry field for the number of curve points you want to calculate. It can be invoked with a Control key combination. The other side of the wall automatically fills in at the thickness you specify in the status unlimiter.

You can choose from nine different pen styles in the Pen menu. The grid is made up unlimiyed horizontal and vertical lines of dots.


DraftBoard Unlimited EDU

The Floating Tool Palette is displayed. Click the Apply button The current pen and all selected objects takes on the new color.

Reload This commands allows you to reload additional functions and commands while DraftBoard is already running, since only loaded functions and commands can be added into the Utilities menu and displayed in the additional function palette. Press and hold the Control and Shift keys Macintosh: Walls created on the same layer are automatically trimmed to where they touch or intersect. Entering a new value will change the length of the selected Dash.

Macro Limitations Macros are not general programs. Using the Status Line with Drawing Tools Once you have drawn an object, you can adjust its specifications such as length, angle, and location in the status Line.

These six tools are the drawing tools. For example, if you hold down the Control Windows or Option Macintosh key while using the Center-Point Circle tool, the next mouse click creates a copy of the last circle with the center placed where you clicked. Save Clicking the Sraftboard saves the generated function palette that can be displayed with umlimited Show Palette command in the Extra menu. Using the Connected Lines tool The radius of a arc created with the Connected line tool can be modified with Edit objects command.

We’d really like to encourage you to return the registration card for DraftBoard Unlimited, conveniently located inside your software box. The characteristics of the current pen are not modified. The Drawing Assistant tells you when the snap ublimited is on an object.