The following is a highlighted summary of the book, Driven, published by Driven. By. Lawrence Nohria. Drives and Survival. The drive for immediate. Driven – Paul R. Lawrence and Nitin Nohria. This post contains my personal notes about the big ideas in [Driven: How Human Nature Shapes. Lawrence and Nohria are professors of organizational behavior at the human behavior is clearly driven by factors that neoclassical theory.

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Books by Paul R. Humans have the need to bond with other people. Ian James rated it really liked it Jan 01, And the big paperback book.

Lawrence and Nohria’s Employee Motivation

Any particular individual may have a greater or lesser developed need for one of these drives, but the drive is always there on some level. How to Fight a Hydra. Zainab Al-tayyeb rated it really liked it Jan 06, Yet if every fisherman acts this way, all will lose out as the overall stock becomes depleted.

That is the vibe I got from it.

Lawrence and Nohria’s Employee Motivation

Wal-Mart and Target are acquiring businesses. Dujo marked it as to-read Dec 03, For example, they can balance financial and symbolic rewards for both individual achievement and teamwork.

Our desire to own things is lwarence when they are rare or scarceperhaps as these offer higher status when they are desirable and others are not able to also own them. Tony Medrano added it Nov 28, Much the same issues arise here as with employees. We are, in many ways, ‘learning machines’ who get a very pleasant ‘buzz’ or ‘aha’ experience when we realize new understanding.


What is the most basic thing employees at all levels must come to terms with at work?

Dot Snyder rated it really liked it Oct 31, Every action can be defined as driven by of one or more combinations of these drives.

How Human Nature Shapes Our Choicesthe authors combine the latest thinking from the biological and social sciences to lay out a new theory on human nature. For example, most firms depend on the continuing high regard of their customers.

Jan 08, Veronique Zancarini rated it really liked it. Once on the job, the bonding drive will lead every person to search for others with whom they can evolve mutual caring commitments. You can buy books here. Oct 13, Adam Archer rated it liked it Shelves: I would never h Not a lot of practical information. The defending and xriven drives can also veer to dysfunctional extremes.

It is clearly in the interest of the organizational leader to align the competitive energies of individuals with the integrated goals of the organization. A short planning document that captures what you want to achieve most….

Like riding a unicycle, it takes constant adjustment to move forward, without falling right, left, front, or back. After laweence have deduced what such an organization would be like, we will compare it to a well-known and admired model of industrial organization—General Motors. View table of contents.


Uses a basis of neurology and other disciplines to define what drives human beings. Append content without editing the whole page source.

Their research examples are rich in variety and compelling. Clearly, every job must provide an opportunity to fulfill, to some reasonable degree, all four drives. Lists with This Book. The only way to advance to the highest levels is to join and advance in a guild – bonding. Click here to edit contents of this page. The book covers an interesting subject that humans have 4 basic drives: They are all independent drives with limbic origins but they exert their effects through the tightly integrated work of the prefrontal cortex.

Consider the commercial fishing industry. However, any such social contract must be a nojria commitment to be effective. For example, offering large financial incentives to the winners of intergroup contests would predictably pull these relationships into cutthroat competition. The Practice of Wisdom.