Salam Alaikum. Can any one help me with the transliteration of urdu tarjuma of dua e kumayl. We guys dont knoe how to read urdu so we want. Wilayat Mission features the english translation of Dua Kumail. Printer friendly PDF includes Arabic and transliteration. Click to download your. Imam Ali – Kumayl Ibn Ziyad Nakhai was a confidant amongst the companions of Imam Ali Ibn Abi Talib (as.) and this sublime Dua was first heard from the.

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And spare me the evil of my enemies from among the jinn and men! And make my tongue remember You without ceasing And my heart enthralled by Your love! Create an account or sign in to comment You need to be a member in order to leave a comment Create an account Sign up for a new account in our community.

Dua Kumayl / The Supplication of Kumayl

Have mercy on the infirmity of my body, the delicacy of my skin and the brittleness of my bones O’ Thou! Since it only occurs as a result of Your wrath, Your vengeance and Your anger. Then how could he remain in torments when he hopefully relies upon Thy past forbearance, compassion and mercy?

Arabic and transliteration is included in the PDF download. You put into effect through me a decree in which I followed the caprice of my own soul. Composed by Khidr and passed down through Ali to Kumayl and beyond, the Du’a al-Kumayl has proven its value in the Islamic faith.

My God and my Master! I will lament to You from the midst of the Fire’s inhabitants with lamentation of the hopeful. And You — majestic is Your eulogy— said at the beginning and were gracious through kindness as a favour.

Forgive me my such sins as would bring down calamity. But You —holy are Your Names—hast sworn that You will fill it with the unbelievers.


Transliteration of dua-e-kumayl – Theology and General Religion –

My God and my Lord! Even though it is a tribulation and ordeal whose stay is short, whose subsistence is but little and, whose period is but fleeting. Thy munificence towards me and through Thy mercy protect me and cause my tongue to accentuate Thy remembrance and my heart filled with Thy love and be liberal to me by Thy gracious response and cause my evils to appear fewer and forgive me my errors.

Or submit to tribulation him whom You have spared and shown mercy. You put into effect through me a decree in which I followed the caprice of my own soul And translieration did not remain wary of adorning my enemy.

The seed you had planted has now grown into a tree. I beg Thee by Thy greatness to be compassionate to me in all circumstances and well disposed towards me in fransliteration matters My God!

Far be it from You! O’ Thou who art dear to the hearts of those who truly believe in Thee! O Allah, Your force is tremendous, Your place is lofty, And Your deception is hidden, Your command is manifest, And Your domination is overwhelming, Your power is unhindered And escape from Your governance is impossible.

Strengthen my bodily members in Your service, And fortify my ribs in determination And bestow upon me earnestness in my fear of You And continuity in my being joined to Your service So that I may move easily toward You in the battlefields of the foremost And hurry to You among the prominent And desire fervently Your proximity among the fervently desirous And move nearer to You with the nearness of the sincere And fear You with the fear of those who have certitude And gather with the believers in Your vicinity.


O’ Thou who holdeth my destiny and who art aware of my suffering and poverty. And by the light of Your face, through which all things are illumined! My God and my Protector! Bestow upon me for the sake of Your having given rise [to me] with generosity and Your previous goodness to me! O He whose Name is a remedy, And whose remembrance is a cure, And whose obedience is wealth! O You who gave rise to my creation, to the remembrance of me, to the nurture of me, to goodness toward me and to nourishment on me.

Lastly, the view of universal determinism claims that the granting of a prayer is a direct result of terrestrial dispositions in accordance with celestial causes, thus through the laws of the macrocosm.

So, in what was put into effect through me in that situation, I transgressed some of Your statutes. And Allah bless His messenger and the holy Imams of his household.

And how can the fire cause him suffering when he hopes for Thy grace and mercy and how can its roaring flames char him when Thou hearest his voice and sees his plight? Register a new account. Posted October 18, So I declare with certainty that were it not for what You hast decreed concerning the chastisement of Your deniers.

English Translation of Dua Kumail

O He, whose pleasure is quickly achieved! And by Your Names, which have filled the foundations of all things. And I ask You through Your munificence to bring me near to Your proximity. Nor it is similar to the goodness and kindness Thou hast shown to those who profess Your Unity.

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