Dux is Latin for “leader and later for duke and its variant forms (doge, duce, etc.). During the . King Arthur, in one of his earliest literary appearances, is described as dux bellorum (“dux of battles”) among the kings of the Romano-Britons in. Dux Bellorum: Arthurian Wargaming Rules AD (Osprey Wargames) [ Daniel Mersey, José Daniel Cabrera Peña] on *FREE* shipping on . Some of you may have already seen or even written a review on the new rules Dux Bellorum, by Dan Mersey. I’ve been meaning to write up.

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I’ve resisted up until now, but I’m not sure how long I can hold Anonymous 10 January at Battle reports from all 3 systems using this method are on my blog.

I already own stacks of 25mm later Dark Age figures, if, if! From the time of Belloru onwards for more than a century duces were invariably Viri Perfectissimii. By the mid-3rd century AD, it had acquired a more precise connotation defining the commander of an expeditionary force, du made up of detachments i.

Thanks for sharing, they seem to tick all the right boxes for a set of rules. Until the 3rd century, dux was not a formal expression of rank within the Roman military or administrative hierarchy. May Learn how and when to remove this template message. I’ve already collected most of the stuff I need from Bill at Musketeer and am waiting for him to finish off the rest of his Romano British and then I’ll start. Any bellorumm can be used as it’s based measurements are done in base widths.


Since I’ve never really even read a rule book well, I’m a bit lost, but it does seem fun.

I picked the rules last week and really like the look of them. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. It looks like there can be some overlap with SAGA, so with some clever basing, I might be able to play all 3 bdllorum the same groups of figures.

Your favourite period and a set of good rules, hmmmm I reckon it’s only a matter of time. For other uses, see Dux disambiguation.

Will these rules work with individual basing or are they more traditionally based? After Diocletian’s Tetrarchy reform, the provinces were organized into dioceses each administered by a vicarius. Dalauppror 6 September at Dux Bellorumreviewrules.

Silver Whistle 7 September at It’s good to have you back on the blogosphere, we missed you! You know I don’t game Ray, so Bellorum just say this. While the title of dux could refer to a consul or imperatorit usually refers to the Roman governor of the provinces. Centuriate Curiate Plebeian Tribal.

Just going to use the Roman and Celt lists in the book.

Ray, I agree about the avoidance of competitive games, belloru tend to spoil the flavour of a game and yeah, they can indeed leave you with a banging headache and a belligerent red mist descending before your very eyes LOL. Nice one Ray, I have seen them on Amazon and was tempted before.


Laughing Ferret 7 September at However, the military authority of a dux was not necessarily confined to a single province and they do not seem to have been subject to the authority of the governor of the province in which they happened to be operating.

dux bellorum

Have a nice weekend best regards Michael. Anibal Invictus 6 September at Anonymous 14 February at Thanks for whriteup of my blog: General officer Flag officer Air officer. As you can see my dyslexia gets the better of me at times. John Lambshead 6 September at Curt Campbell 6 September at The office of dux was, in turn, made subject to the magister militum of his respective praetorian prefectureand above him to the emperor.

Anonymous 7 September at Have a good start mate! Dalauppror 8 September at Emilio 6 September at Also a top notch interview with Dan himself in the recent issue of Wargames Illustrated, so check them both out if you can.

Devon Wargames Group: Dux Bellorum – Arthurian Wargaming AD

Anne 6 September at Paul of the Man Cave 6 September at You can use individual bases but they’d need to be on a larger base as well. This has always been one of my favourite period’s and I’ve never even played it before?? Foundation Kingdom overthrow Republic.