– site about jetbooks ™ – ebook readers from Ectaco, Inc. Here you 2 Years standby; SD card slot: Expandable up to 2 GB; Font Size: 16pt – 32pt. Ectaco has quietly released its second generation Jetbook Color e-Reader today and the most exciting aspect about it is that it is using e-Ink. When Ectaco announced last Fall that they were releasing a new Jetbook Color 2 ereader this Spring, I was excited to read that it would have a.

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I like the one on the left. Way too small for immersive reading. Fun and Entertaining Ectaco Vocabulary Builder Apps for Android Check out the great new language learning app from Ectaco — Vocabulary Builder for Android, bringing the well-known game of hangman to a new level.

Though probably way expensive. There is a solid 4 GB of internal memory, but with all of the student programs bundled on the device you have around 2 GB to work with, which is more than adequate. So both do have a time advantage.

Nate Hoffelder 28 September, It should give you degrees of color with 16 levels of each. Check out some more specifics below! Ectaco – Unlimited linguistic resources for all of your needs. Besides the Kindle DX, all e-ink seems to be the same six inches. In our experience, we only saw dozens, and even then, it was disappointing. If you ectado expedited delivery please select one of the options below: However, after a menu was opened, we did continue to see a uetbook outline and could even read the words from the menu long after we had moved on to the next page.


The Jetbook Color 2 Shows Why Color E-ink Screens Are a Dead End

But they are rare. Nate Hoffelder 15 July, Click here to learn about devices featuring multiple languages Specifications:. The device knows when the stylus has been stowed, and a small icon appears in the top bar of the screen to indicate that.

If LCDs had had a functional competitor that did a better job this excludes CRTsthen it would have been good idea to abandon the tech, yes. He has been writing about audiobooks and e-readers for the past ten years. Unfortunately, even with the Wi-Fi on, there’s no way to access the Web because there is no browser included. The use of the colors Magenta redCyan bleuYellow and Black. I couldn’t, and I had to confirm by email that I had a Jetbook Color 2. The touch screen was so slow, we read through the user manual for troubleshooting help.

Ectaco – Unlimited linguistic resources for all of your needs. All screens are in portrait mode, as there is no landscape view of any page. The problem whit color e-ink is the use of red, green and bleu for making a colored picture.


ECTACO jetBook Color 2 Deluxe Black – ECTACO

I think there is a world market for maybe five computers. Did you ever consider why it was the first? Periodic table of elements.

You can select another product from our expanded and updated online catalogue here. Either that or develop an lcd screen that is truelly anti glare and easily seen in daylight.

Since i know that the use of this colors work also in LED lighting to make rich colors, i know for shure that it also will work with e-ink technology. The original focus was on the education market; helping students to keep track of their schedules, check homework, and eventually replace all paper textbooks. What do you want to see and what are you willing to spend for it?

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The speakers offer the most benefit in the language learning setting. If you prefer expedited delivery please select one of the options below: