Electus provides a diversified range of electronic components, hardware, enclosures, power delivery, storeage & conversion products, tools & test equipment. Q: CATALOGUE: Does Electus have a Catalogue? Bi-monthly flyers are Q: MOQ’s: Are there Minimum Order Quantities for any Electus Products? A: There are. ELECTUS Distribution has released its latest wholesale components catalogue, containing over products.

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How do I change my password? Computer Storage Media, Flash Disks. Automation solution a reason for popping corks.

Repaired if possible, replace if still available and not repairable or credited if no other option available Q: Tapes, Pressure Sensitive, Foam, Double-sided. For example, when you cataloogue a website that uses cookies, you may be asked to fill out a form which asks for information such as your name and interests.

Yes; Orders can be collected from the Rydalmere Warehouse. Fischer LP wearable catwlogue The Fischer LP, the first product in the Fischer Freedom Series, meets design engineers’ needs for connecting portable and body-worn applications quickly and easily.

2016 Australian Jaycar Catalogue

Cookies were implemented to allow user-side customisation of Web information. Once you have logged in click on ‘My ACcount’ found in the top right of catallgue screen. Cookies are pieces of information generated by a Web server and stored in the user’s computer, ready for future access.

Which cards do Electus accept? You can check the spelling of your search by looking at the page that returns the following message: Can I purchase from Electus?


Please contact an Electus salesperson for a possible alternative. Owned and operated by Prime Creative Media, Ferret.

Electus International Show Catalogue: May 2013

Overseas delivery can be sent by ship or by air. The Fast Find index at the front of the catalogue lets you locate product groups quickly.

If you find that your search word has produced too many results, refine your search by adding a descriptive word adjective. The next time you visit the same website, your browser will send the cookie to the web server and use the information stored to present you with custom web pages that you have set previously.

Items that epectus returned faulty will be assessed and be treated in the following manner. What if I dont have a credit account? Computer Storage Media, Disk Packs. Power Supplies, Voltage Regulated. Circuit Breakers, Current Limiting. Power Supplies, Inverters, Phase.

Rich Kimball – Electus International Show Catalogue: May

The product also includes two signal and two high-power 1. Use the non-abbreviated form. Do you deliver to Overseas? Why cant I place anything into my shopping cart? A minimum of TWO 2 hours processing time is required Q: A CD-ROM version is being completed and features high quality images, extensive application notes and more than pages of semi-conductor data sheets.

The catalogue is available free of charge. Components catalogue Electus Distribution has released its latest components catalogue, which has been produced in print format and on a CD-ROM. Smart mobile automation solutions for industry. A Return of goods Authorisation form needs to be filled out.


Repaired if possible, replace if still available and not repairable or credited if no other option available. Fischer MiniMax Series 06 ultraminiature connector The MiniMax 06 ultraminiature connector, from Fischer Connectors, can include up to 12 power and signal contacts in a footprint of only 10 mm.

Individual products can be located using the product description or part number indexes at the back of the catalogue. To find out if you are eligible contact us on or by email. Components catalogue By Electus Distribution 09 March Please speak to an Electus sales person for details Q: A cookie can only contain plain text, not code, so cannot spread computer viruses. I’ve forgotten my password.

Where can I see the Wholesale prices? Transistors, Bipolar, Surface Mount.

For warranty claims please contact an Electus Sales person. Transistors, Bipolar, Switching, General Purpose. As a result, cookies can’t read or write to arbitrary files or folders on your computer. What is a Cookie? How to make the most out catalofue your searches A: There are some items which are not commercially viable to supply in small quantities.

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