An autobiography that connects the twentieth century European life of internationally beloved teacher Elisabeth Haich and her lucid memories of initiation into. Elisabeth Haich. INITIATION. AUTHOR’S NOTE. It is far from my intentions to want to provide a historical picture of Egypt. A person who is living in any given. Initiation [Elisabeth Haich] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. An autobiography that connects the twentieth century European life of.

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The skin under my finger nails was so sensitive that to touch anything at all after my nails were cut, even the contact with the air itself, elozabeth me terrible suffering.

With how much loving understanding and tenderness you tried to overcome all the difficulties caused by this over-sensitivity of mine. Nov 20, Chrisy Walker rated it it was amazing. In the garden there were gigantic yellow flowers, seemingly as elizaberh as trees, that always turned in the direction of the sun.

Under the influence of what I had once read in a book, I was always seeking a kind of eternal unity in friendship’, but my girl friends in school made fun of me. If you are interested in reincarnation, this is a must read. In this way I gave an animated story about how the haicu of Wakefield led a holy life, how a young man got acquainted with his daughter, Olivia, and finally ran off with her.

So I could not expect to have them help me find the solution to this puzzle. It means continuous direct sequence of transmission of knowledge from the embodied teachers to their embodied disciples in a particular spiritual school. My Aunt Adi, the sister of my mother, epizabeth us often and was always willing to fulfil my wish. Where do I find a person initiated into this mystery, a person who can tell me about this hidden truth?


Oh, these three years! I just could not understand what the soldier could have wanted from Sophie, and why Sophie let him hold her so tight that I was forced into his unpleasant presence.

But neither he nor Sophie paid the least attention to me, squeezing my head elizabth tightly that I heard the man’s heart beating, while both of them acted for all the world as if each wanted to slip Into the mouth of the other. Mother was very bitter about my attitude and told him that, as he well knew, our whole family was doing everything possible to make me happy and that I was an ungrateful child, because in spite of all my family was doing for me, I still wanted to run away and leave them.

Bring truth into being, and then it will belong to you. No, the whole question was quite hopeless! Busy as she was with her guests, she was not able right away to ask me what I wanted. The whole household revolved around him; mother belonged to him body and soul.

Every time I saw her, she appeared to me a ‘different person’ until I got the impression that this woman carried within her and could manifest the whole range of human personality and consequently had no personality herself at all. It is not possible for life on earth to be so senseless!


From now on it became clearer and clearer to me that father and mother were not my true parents and that this country was not my true home. Amazon Music Stream millions of songs. Wire me as soon as the doctor is through; tell me what he has done. I have the great fortune to sit at the feet of an illumined soul: Do you believe that you can obtain true things through false things?


For sheer wonder and amazement, I stopped crying and looked at the doctor quizzically. What will people think?

Leizabeth I realized that I could not yet reach my goal. I spoke and continue speaking now about its universal character, and not only for all people of the Earth but for the entire universe.

Parables about the Elder Zosima. I waited a year after receiving this one to start it and did so hesitantly.

Initiation by Elisabeth Haich

With a steady stream of inspired ideas and with his unshakable courage, he set an example that others followed so that everyone performed extraordinarily well and the fire was finally localized. I make these comments here so that my readers may be able to devote their attention to the content of the story which follows here, without being halted hacih by what may appear to be an anachronism merely because of the terms used—as for example when the Egyptian High Priest speaks of a ‘chain reaction’!

Now I suggested to the boys that we make a ‘pact of eternal friendship’. I was greatly relieved. Through the experience of each e,izabeth our souls thirsting for truth were enriched to an undreamed of extent. Where did Socrates get this knowledge? That is how this book was written. That is why even in this environment I felt at home. During the morning hours father was not at home so I could be with mother.

Then he takes the little child in his long bill and lays it down beside the woman.