Camax stock and supply Elster A’s in either 5A Current Transformer Connection or A Direct Connection. This document is intended as a guide to help Suppliers of Elster Metering Systems Your Elster A Meter has been chosen by your Service Provider to . A Three-phase CT Meter available at MWA Technology. Speedy delivery from direct Rating. A, Elster three phase electricity CT meter, 5/10/ A.

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Elster A1140 Single/Three Phase Smart Meter

The display opposite shows kWh, x It consists of a Page Identifier and three Check Panels. Use the text files if support is required when contacting Elster Metering Systems about communications failures.

Using the Q1140 Key You have no items in your shopping cart. I had to use the optical pulse sensor as the system is 3 phase so using CT clamps would have been problematic, but like you I conveniently have a 3 phase smart meter recording all generation. Only registered users can write reviews.

Networking the Power Master Unit Elstrr wouldn’t allow me to integrate the data with emoncms or anything else as far as I can tell and is daylight robbery! Select the appropriate meter variant only.


For new connections refer to Section 8. Connection diagrams See Figure 5A for examples are shown underneath the terminal cover. This software is available from Elster Metering Systems and is described in M 3.

Elster A Bespoke GPRS/GSM/SMS Wireless ASL Modem (UK)

In practice it’s unlikely you’ll do any harm to the RS interface with wrong connections, so if you have an idea of the baud rate it can’t do any harm just using a terminal emulator on the PC and finding the correct connections by trial and error. Up to 40 displays can be made available for each mode of operation.

These can be taken care of by invoking Exclusion Dates. Fixing And Connection Secure the lower end of the meter to the board using two 5mm epster.

It definitely sounds as if what you’ve been doing is beyond my ken! Each meter will require a two-way RJ11 adaptor to link to the next meter in the chain. Daylight Savings The meter has the facility to have a different switching program consisting of several switching times running on different days of the week. Enter text from picture: Hi, Yes sorry, I’m in Devon, England: Double click on the new data to read in the scheme manager Double click one of the readings to view the data read back from the meter.


Elster A Single/Three Phase Smart Meter

Got it, continue to print. I’m in the UK, the generation meter is required as we have to post the readings up every month elstee order ester get paid for the power we generate. System Connections 3 Element: Page 62 Frequency Phase A This Scheme may be used to program a number of different meters with the same Tariff and Display sequence.

Note — If this option is used, old readings are stored in the database and new readings are appended.

A new file with the following format must be loaded. A time and date stamp of the three most recent non-fatal error events is recorded where possible. I’ve given up trying. Back-up Database Back-up database allows all files in the database to be backed up. This is achieved by copying a Meter and a Scheme into the Meter list.

IEC Port 3. Direct Connected Maximum current Imax shall preferably be an integral multiple of Ib. Sign up for our newsletter now.