One Drive, Any Power, Any Motor. The Unidrive SP is a universal AC and Servo drive with ratings from to 2,hp. No. String, Cause of trip. 1, UU, DC link under voltage. Under voltage trip and restart levels are as follows: Drive voltage rating UU trip level UU restart level. Unidrive SP AC Drive from Emerson/Control Techniques is a complete drive automation range that covers the power spectrum from to 2, hp. All drives .

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Very high current motors may be controlled using a multi-drive modular arrangement. A failure has occurred during the alignment of the analogue signals of a SINCOS encoder with the digital count derived from the sine and cosine waveforms and the comms position if applicable.

This trip is also produced if an attempt is made to access a data block that has already been opened by an option module. Drives are packaged in three formats: An analog input can be used current or voltagepreset speeds, and a field buss reference. All drives are going to trip at some point or other. The speed reference will come in on an analog input if you choose a terminal code.

Err EnC1 Drive encoder trip: If an LED or LCD keypad are fitted directly to the drive, and the drive is in keypad reference mode, and the keypad is removed the drive produces this trip. This trip only occurs if the compare has not already failed with the following trips: The drive stores the codes of the modules fitted when the drive parameters are saved.

If the drive is operating in low voltage battery mode the over voltage trip level is 1. Call us now on to discuss on site support. This is either because the resistance exceeds the maximum measurable value or the drive was not enabled see The digital inputs will select the enable, run, and preset selections. The Unidrive SPM Modular AC power modules provide the same advanced control feature set as our Panel Mount AC drives but with additional power system flexibility; the AC drives may be arranged to provide a common DC bus system with or without an active front end regenerative, 4 quadrant operation.


If you are wanting to upgrade your obsolete Unidrive SP to an M Series Drive, use our quick reference guide to choose the right replacement Drive for your application: The position feedback did not change or required speed could not be reached during the inertia test see You will only need to close the enable signal if it is set to pad.

Give us a call at 1. Our extensive experience in retrofit and new projects means we have the knowledge to look deep into the control system where we commonly find the peripheral devices are faulty rather than the drive module. An attempt has been made to access a SMART card, but a card is not present or communications failure has occurred between the drive and the card.

The trip can only be removed by entering a load default command i. EnDat encoder – The number of encoder turns read from the encoder during auto-configuration is not a power of 2.

A SMART card is read-only if the read-only flag has been set or the card contains data blocks with numbers from to The speed reference should be displayed here if the digital inputs and the drive sequencer are failing to operate properly.

Servo mode phasing failure because the phasing angle The AC modules are easy to install unirive commission and can be applied in a wide range of applications.

Unidrive SP Error and Trip codes

Free Standing drives can be ordered to include all of the power input equipment needed to allow immediate connection to the motor and to the power supply. Auto-configuration unkdrive been requested by changing parameter Failure to measure resistance during auto-tune or when starting in open-loop voltage modes 0 or 3. Parameter data unidrife default difference data is being transferred from a SMART card to the drive, but the option module categories are different between source and destination drives.

The drive will attempt to stop the motor before tripping except in Regen mode. HF Option module in slot 1: Boot Unidrjve write to a menu 0 parameter has been initiated via the keypad by exiting edit mode and parameter The drive still may not run if the digital inputs and the drive sequencer are each working properly.


Control Techniques Emerson Unidrive SP SP | eBay

CtL Drive over-heat based on control board temperature see P Power module rectifier over temperature OIbr. Option module in slot 1: When the drive is in the terminal mode the following sequence occurs under default conditions: This decimal value can be converted to a binary value. If a module is not present, but a code is stored in drive EEPROM to indicate that it should be fitted the drive trips.

This trip indicates that the power was removed when parameters were being saved which resulted in an error in a power down save parameter bank. The Unidrive SP can be enabled to run in several ways. All drives share the same flexible control interface regardless of the power rating.

Unidrive SP – High performance universal AC drive range

Next time your Unidrive is throwing an error code, the following information may help. Ld1 Digital output overload 27 O. The logic type is set up at 8. The Unidrive SP is now a superceded product and is in it’s maintenance period. Follow it to the destination and confirm the speed reference value is arriving there and then through 3.

When this trip occurs the drive mode becomes Open-loop and all the parameters are set to default. A compare has been carried out between a data block on a SMART card and the drive and the compare has failed. EnDat encoder – The number of encoder turns read from the encoder during auto-configuration is not a power of 2 Enc14 Drive encoder trip: The drive should operate as seen above if the digital inputs are activated correctly.

The drive can use digital inputs, keypad, or a field buss networks to give the OK to run. Variables and function block calls using more than the allowed RAM space stack overflow. This trip cannot be reset until the voltage falls below the maximum continuous level.