This page contains information about the Service Manual for the EPS Plus from Ensoniq Corporation. Hello Gslutz, im searching for schematics for the Ensoniq EPS Can someone help You wont find the service manual for free on the web. 21 EPS—16 PLUS Service Manual Table of Contents — 1 Table of Contents . For more information about the Poly-Key Keyboard assembly, see ENSONIQ.

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Please note that Ensoniq’s service manuals do not contain schematics ; Ensoniq schematics are generally unavailable.

Ensoniq Corporation – EPS Plus – Service Manual

Press EntenYes to start the Bum-in Test cycle. Power Supply Measurements If the ribbon cable is mispinned, fuses F3 and F4 on the power supply will blow. Go to Step 9 to start the Burn-in Test epd. Reverse Cross Fade Com Technical Document Distribution Brand: The following flowcharts can help you diagnose units that appear dead no display. This will let you navigate to any page without waiting for the entire file to download. The modification also improves the overall signal-to-noise ratio by boosting the output level with respect to the noise floor of the EPS.

After deleting one note you realize that three notes have been deleted. Be sure to use ensoni screws in these locations. To re-assemble, first make sure that the underlay and all the buttons are in place and that the lens is clean and in its proper position. Optional Scsi Connector Selecting A Modulator Turn the unit upside down on a soft surface and replace the ten 10 screws that secure the Keyboard to the case. Connect the Keyboard Ribbon cable to the Main Board.


Using The Patch Select Buttons Note that there are star washers on the inside only. The following pages include troubleshooting flow charts: This function had been disabled in version 2.

Remove the three 3 wire tabs connected to the back of the Filter, paying particular attention to the polarity. While playing the same note on the keyboard, listen to each OEX-6 output individually.

Important Safety Instructions Remove the four 4 screws that fasten the control panel and raise the panel with a 2. Be sure to keep the soldering iron on an angle away from the plastic case to avoid burning the plastic case. Remove mahual lid see Section A.

Saving An Effect To Disk Remove the Keyboard see Section C. You may need to add a small amount of solder to each hole so the braid will have contact with and absorb any remaining solder.

Remove all cables connected to the EPS including the Power cable. In previous versions, loading banks repeatedly from SCSI drives could cause the system to behave unpredictably.

Power Supply Fuses To reduce the occurrence of fuse failure when a memory expander is installed, fuses F3 and F4 were changed from 3. Discard the cartridge cover. Version on a floppy disk: When the keyboard is tuned, all LEDs should go out. The following error messages could be caused by software: While paying particular attention to polarity, remove the Keyboard Ribbon cable from the old Keyboard and install it on the new Keyboard.


Remove all cables connected to the EPS, including the Power cable 2.


Select a sound to save back to disk. Creating A Performance Preset Data Entry Controls To Load A Bank Eject the test disk and then press Load.

Remove the four 4 self-tapping screws from the top of the unit closest to the control panel. Install the new Line Filter from the outside of the case. The Disk Drive Read and Write tests are run approximately every ten minutes and take about five minutes to ran. Use two wire ties to bundle the new main board power cable out of the way. The following are the most common problems which could be caused by servicr faulty power supply: Failure to connect the wires to their proper posts can lead to a potential shock hazard see Figure 2.

Appendix – Eps Plus Midi Implementation Reconnect the ribbon cable from the main board making sure that the striped side is on pin 1. When the glue sets, the screws will hold the sub-assembly tightly in place. Secure the jacks with the nuts.

Verify the the proper Line Voltage is present.