Ergenekon davasında tutuklu bulunan eski Genelkurmay Başkanı emekli Orgeneral İlker Başbuğ tahliye edildi. Mahkeme, Başbuğ’un tahliyesine karar verdi. Mahkeme, Başbuğ hakkında tahliye gerekçesi olarak, “Sabit. Ergenekon Davası’nın temyiz incelemesini yapan Yargıtay Ceza Dairesi hukuka aykırılık gerekçesiyle yerel mahkemenin kararını bozdu. Ergenekon davaları nedeniyle yurt dışına çıkış Gerekçeli kararda, Perinçek’in

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Sami Hostan, another suspect, was “a key dzvas in the Susurluk investigation. Sedat Peker will take care of us while we’re in jail. Theory, Propaganda, and Disinformation Department head: While the most famous of NATO’s secret armies was the Gladio operation in Italyit was arguable in Turkey that this dangerous policy had the most serious long-term consequences, with the creation of a stay-behind force known as the Counter-Guerrillas. Ali then asked the owner of the house, his uncle Mehmet Demirta?

Full text of the indictment: Network’s organization chartToday’s Zaman. Some were accused of belonging to an ultranationalist group, Ergenekon, that was allegedly “preparing a series of bomb attacks aimed at fomenting chaos ahead of a coup in against Turkey’s center-right government, whose European Union-linked reforms are opposed by ultranationalists. According to the indictment, the caller was?


This week, gefekeli the Turkish media, the cry has gone out to slay the beast once and for all. This section aims to clarify what is known about the organization’s munitions.

Fikri Karadag and Selim Akkurt, the trigger-man hired to do the job, whose phones were tapped with a court order. It needs businessmen, and perhaps drug traffickers. It was just a political move, and has destroyed any hope that the probe will find the real culprits. After his arrest in Holland soon thereafter, Baybasin disclosed that he had received “the assistance of Turkish embassies and consulates while moving huge shipments of drugs around Europe, and that Turkish army officers serving with NATO in Belgium were also involved.

Kamuoyunda ‘Ergenekon’ Olarak Bilinen Soru? Some say the crime was a ploy to set the investigation in motion. Aside from the rather alarming possible implications of juicing up, say, Saudi Arabia, there are other items of interest here, the most relevant being the question of why an agreement on nuclear technology transfer to NATO-ally Turkey had not been achieved long ago. We have seen that every search and detention has been conducted solely by police.

Amirallere suikast iddianamesi kabul edildi – Son Dakika Haberler

As the AFP reported: Trial hearings began on 20 October The celebrated former FBI translator and whistleblower Sibel Edmonds writes that “the Turkish government, MIT and the Turkish military, not only sanctions, but also actively participates in and oversees the narcotics activities and networks. You can not define Ergenekon as a gang. They fetched the keys, searched the house, had Yi? Around the same time, the dissolution of the incumbent Justice and Development Party was proposed.


The fundamental principles of the law have been violated. Akkurt expressed a desire to be like O. Excavations are underway; numerous weapons have been found.

The proximate motive behind these false flag activities is said to be to discredit the incumbent Justice and Development Party and derail Turkey’s accession process to the European Union. The main body is still active.

Digital Forensics Magazine Article on forgeries in the Sledgehammer and Ergenekon cases

T considered him a suspicious person. Ben de onlara bir 37 soru haz?

It is the engagement of a number of people in illegal affairs. We shall see where this goes The prosecutors also demanded aggravated life sentences for Gen. Maybe the pieces fit; maybe they don’t. Both generals were detained in January