If you are looking for the Leica Lens Compendium () or the Leica Compendium ( print edition and digital edition) by Erwin Puts, please wisit his. Leica Chronicle: evolution of Leica cameras and lenses, Erwin Puts, Leica Lens Compendium (without illustrations), Erwin Puts, I have read much of what Erwin Puts has written about lenses, and it is While the first was very much a history of Leica and a compendium of.

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Extender-R X2 exist as 1-cam or, 3-cam for use with Leica R lenses of 50mm focal length and longer and for lens speeds from f2.

From to Leica followed the strategy of producing a few high-end, high-quality camera lines, at first the I,II, III series with minor variations to differentiate the price tags, later the M line was added, then the III was dropped and the Leicaflex and R-range came alongside the M. The software and hardware erwkn of Apple computers give it the edge compared to the Wintel constructions.

Leica Cine lenses Leica C lenses for cine cameras. The M6J used as many of the iconic elements of the M3 as possible.

As Ive asked you before, please keep your hate ocmpendium my threads. The really bad news is the fact that industry giants like Sony and Olympus and Panasonic are lacking innovative power, lesn of horrible loss making and the Galapagos-syndrome: The relation between the photographer and reality has dramatically changed in the last twenty years, partly under the influence of the powerful post-processing programs. And the third no longer hidden assumption is the idea that a failed photograph is no longer the fault of the operator but of the camera and the software that are not up-to-date or up-to-the-task.


Free Resources for Leica Fans

Rewin elements can be made by 1 expensive manual grinding, 2 molded plastic, 3 Puuts patented “press” process, where the element is pressed into an aspherical “non-spherical” shape. A car is no longer defined by its maximum speed! Of course one can say that the chemical development of a silver-halide emulsion is totally different from reconstructing an array of numbers in a file by a software program to an image, but one should not confuse technological means with end results.

Noctilux-M [Lens design by Dr.

The chemical photographic business has already completed this transformation. My Leica M3 from is still fully functional in its 52nd year and will function flawlessly for another thirty years.

CollectiBlend: Library: Leica lens compendium by Erwin Puts

Photography as a medium has been characterized as a mirror with a memory and if you look at the social media, this is exactly for what it is used today. Walter – Legendary Leica lens designer. I have updated my site. Studies have indicated that many of our activities eating, gaming, shopping stimulate the same pleasure centre that is lend activated when we engage in sexual activities. Thus, I have a personal print size limit of The current generation of lenses compenndium exemplary and do not require post processing improvements.

More Leica lens litterature.

Erwin Puts, “Leica Lens Saga” – Book – Leica M (Type / ) – Leica Forum

I give Leica kudos for keeping essentially the same form factor and ergonomics as the lenx, film M drwin. So what are the intentions for the near future? After being a household name in photography, Canon embarked on a high-end professional range, the redoubtable F1 camera. Being purely mechanical, with a sprinkling of electro-mechanical linkages, the performance of the whole depended on the precise interaction of all different parts.


Leica R to Blackmagic or Blackmagic Pocket.

Take a reasonable span of time, say five years, count the number of pictures made and printed or distributed by internet, add the cost of the camera and its depreciation and see what the price per picture would be. Your Leica lenses will feel good again. If not I try to replicate the phenomenon in different, but comparable circumstances.

We have to accept that in these days the Leica myth has more nostalgia than future. The proper role of a technical journalist, according to GC, is to inform the reader about the properties and possible use of the equipment under review for the photographic practitioner. Technical journalism and tabloid journalism, once operating in parallel universes, are now converging, at least in the photographic world.

The new mirror-less camera breed might rewrite the future of photography Barnack would say: An image file is simply an array of cells where each cell is assigned a number related to the voltage level of the corresponding pixel or more precisely the sensel in the solid-state-array.

As the performance of a lens could widely differ between these parameters, a good test had to look at all these aspects.