Information concerning last digit changes will be provided as necessary. The part numbers used exclusively for the ETRSi are as follows: Individual body parts. Zenza bronica ETRSI Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Zenza bronica ETRSI Repair Manual. View and Download Zenza Bronica ETRSI repair manual online. 6x ETRSI Camcorder pdf manual download.

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Mar 6, 2. Apr 2, I would speculate that if you are not a camera repair guy, you not try the repair yourself. Artboard Artboard Artboard Artboard.

Btw, etrzi Zenzanon PE 75mm lens have enough resolution for ? Depth of Field Tables F-num- Meters bers oo 10 5 3 2 1. But then my first film with this back came out unexposed – blank! Time T Exposures The exposures are made with the time exposure lever on the lens, regardless of the setting Do you already have an account? Don’t touch the surface as you So it must be W back that needs ,anual. Igor, is it still possible to get a digital back adapter for the ETR body?

Zenza Bronica ETRSI Repair Manual

Many thanks for information, especially to lomomagix – that was exactly what I looked for! To remove the film back from the main body, insert the Film Type Indicator Frame Upon loading the film, tear off the end flap from the empty film pack- age This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register.


As long as the emulsion side faces the lens and the film is transported you should be OK.

Update – just facts: Now, I am puzzled. Mar 6, 1.

Now I remember that I fitted Leaf digital back with Kapture group adapter on exactly this camera for a few shots, combo worked well. After the 15th exposure of the roll film 30th exposure of the roll filmWill results be comparable with good 50mm lens in format?

After focusing in the normal manner, re-set the distance indicated by the green-colored distance index Attachment and Removal of Film Back The film back is a film chamber that can be attached or detached Align “A” AE dial to index mark. The ETRSi has been developed on the basis of the technology and experience gained with the Zenza Bronica ETRS and is between the lens leaf shutter type single lens reflex camera which provides full flash synchronization at all shutter speeds.

Yes, my password is: Loading the Battery The electronically-controlled speeds of the shutter will not work without loading the bat- tery. The finder can be interchanged, with other optional finders, to match shooting conditions to photographic conditions May 23, Page of 31 Go. I finally will bring W back to the local Bronica equipment importer, will see whether they can cope with this problem. Can anybody help and save my sanity?

Shutter Release Button A.

Zenza Bronica ETRSI Manuals

There are two spool holders on the If you have a Photrio account, please log in and select ‘stay logged in’ to prevent recurrence of this notice. Now when my sanity is saved, question arises – can it be DYI repair? There may be an interlock issue with the back. efrsi


You can find the manual here as well as manuals for errsi other Bronica accessories: Now I am trying to figure out what did I screw up in eyrsi – user manual for Bronica W back, anyone? Mar 8, 7. The standard magnifier supplied with the waist-level finder has a power of Every time I use it I first sit down and look hard at it until I understand which way it’s supposed to work – so that I don’t try to expose through the film base again.

Apr 2, 9. Apr 3, I may have one somewhere, but I’ve still managed to screw up a couple of films with it. For photography with the mirror locked up, first cock the shutter with the film winding crank Well, it becomes “curiouser and curiouser” with every roll. Film Back Interchangeability One of the greatest attractions etrdi the ETRSi is complete film back interchangeability which makes it possible