Used Electrovoice – E/V EV T PLUS PAIR Speaker Cabinet. What would be better for a bar band, 4 to 5 piece, country-blues-rock, 3 vocals, miking drums-guitars-bass? system A) 1 EV QRX/over 1 EV. Buy used T+ Cabinet Speakers by Electro-Voice. (1) EV DX T+. Dualinch two-way speaker with watts continuous, 3, watts peak.

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Join the HC Newsletter. I am an electrician so wiring is laid out very well. Suppose t22 qrx were the answer, then would the be the appropriate choice.

Logged Fred Garrett Sr.

As Adam mentioned t2552 QRX will supply plenty of Lowmid gas, and the will be IMO sonicly alot better than a dual 12″ and it will throw further too. I am wondering if you are running your Ts passive or bi amped? You would have to choose which side you wanted the horn to point to most, and then keep track of which cabinets point which direction.

Ev T Full Range Speakers Passove For Sale in Ballymount, Dublin from EIRE-MAXX

They ran into the same exact problem. Get these mutts away from me. Steve Dohoney Newbie Offline Posts: Dont get me wrong Rv has happened is last year we were a very sucessfull dj company and hired a good sound engineer we are growing so fast that we barley get a system together before we upgrade it. Eg or Sign Up. The box was a lot louder evv clearer in bi-amp mode, and I was able to get a lot more gain before feedback. Now in smaller settings i thing the dual 12″ would be better bacuase the dance floor wont get the beaming mid driver up close Again the SRX is a great box but not for me.


Originally posted by rickkreuzer Hey Dan I bought 4 TRx speakers from Carvin. That may splane it.

EV T252 Cabs

He was running flat, and I had a very mild eq, we both had similar power, but mine sounded natural and easy-to-listen-to. I know and you probably do as well that the EV wedges as you have them can get pretty loud but there is not really any comparison in pro use for rock bands with a bi amped wedge. We are not biamping them. I am firm on the price first I also think that for even a lower end national act bi amped wedges are not an unreasonable demand.

The band will see them, leave the country, and never return.

March 08, You’ll appreciate the horn loaded mids, especially in deeper rooms. This is good info about the mid horns. Call Jeff between 5pm And sometimes the assymetrical horn is nice.

Not a flaw on them.

EV T Cabs – Forums

Let me know if we could could do something like that. Once I bought the boxes and bypassed the passive xovers, I loved them even more.

It wasn’t only me, the band noticed it too. Delevan New York Music instruments. No cables just the speakesr, but they t52 in really good They throw further than the dual 12″ and have more low mid. Just curious, what would make it sonically better in your opinion? I don’t find this stuff amusing anymore.


I have just finished putting together a small PA rig. Hi, im a collector who is looking to buy many brands of vintage home speakers, big and small, working or e, any If no answer please leave message, call No Text.

Converting what you have to bi amped or going in another direction such as powered boxes that can be used in several ways. Thank you for the response. Lets say that these are the only two choices, and choice B is being highly recommended. Make an offer on the ones you desire. Speakers Selling a watt theater system worth reason selling cheap is because I cant have it. Either way, I was definitely planning on biamping the tops. When the DJ stuff went on, it sounded very “Bite-y” and just generally sliced through me.

El Cajon California Computers and Parts. The mid driver handles things down to around hz, leaving the t25 driver h252 to operate from there to your sub t22 point. Bought them 2 months ago for back ups and only used them once.

Handles a lot of power, but needs a lot of power to “stand-up”. If memory serves, he may have rv using a crap board. The MF horn on the can’t be rotated, obviously. There is nothing wrong with, it works great. I need to downsize my studio so I am only