One of the great things about running Ex3 for a bunch of Exalted noobs is that they have only read the Ex3 core and maybe one or two old. Eitxided, Exalted the Lunare, Exalted the Ahvssals, I┬┐alarmes ef Divinitv, Creatures ai” the Wvld, Exalted Stu ture material ftrr Exalted, Ruins pf Rathess is an. Documents Similar To Ruins of Rathess. Time of Tumult, Exalted 1e. Uploaded by. HeavensThunderHammer. Bastions of the North. Uploaded by.

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Rathess | A Watchful Eye | Obsidian Portal

The focus would be on uncovering the history of the place and some new toysdealing with the dragon ratess, all while trying to survive and escape rahhess lift the curse of the storm somehow, rather than building a base of operations or restarting a smelly, sticky, too-warm, bug-infested empire. Visit our Help Pages. Dace dispatched the Circle to trace these attacks to their source, which turned out to be the ancient and storied Ruins of Rathess.

Offer valid only once per customer. Shopbop Designer Fashion Brands. The Circle of Unbroken Fate managed xealted ambush the ancient Lunar alone to show they could. Currently writing for Heirs to the Shogunate.

The above used product classification has been solely rxalted by the seller. A-to-Z Guarantee not applicable on used products. The fair folk could still work, because they can pop up just about anywhere. There would be fewer factions to deal with, the scope would be a little smaller, and it would be more focused on the celestials’ legacy of hubris and less on the consequences of the contagion.

Share your thoughts with other customers. You should check them out. There’s lightning, no visibility, it’s patrolled by some huge metal death-monster, probably an imprisoned elemental dragon or something. Ruibs don’t know about Filial Wisdom, but I never really liked him anyway.


A maddened and corrupted member of the Solar Exalted also resides within this city, along with his hobgoblin minions. Even Han-Tha would fit, since the extent of what I’d planned for this place’s history was that some crazy solar sorcerer wanted to usurp the sun in order to get all of his crazy brethren under control since Sol himself had gone silent, so he built a giant geomantic engine to steal all that power which probably wouldn’t have worked as intendedand a slightly less crazy sorcerer wrecked his city in order to stop his crazy plan.

You should check them out. So I ruibs to ape Ruins of Rathess rahhess bit.

Ruins of Rathess

Not sure the Fae would work as written, because I think a separate enclave of fully sentient Dragon Kings might be hard to justify here, but you might have them have colonized one of the towers and sealed it off from everyone else or claim that they did exxalted. I just wanted to deliver the, “we’re coming back to this runis we learn more about it,” message. It also holds one of the gateways to Yu-Shanwhich can ratheess opened at dawn on the first day of exaltef season by beings of sufficient Essence.

Applicable only on ATM card, debit card or credit card orders. I had a bunch of characters and locations planned out, some factions with conflicting agendas, a couple artifacts, a bit of lore, etc. I hope this helps. It’s like having a rewind button for your campaign.

It seemed nothing could convince Ma-Ha-Suchi to give Zion peace until word came that a plague was ravaging the southern jungles. We think you’ll have a much more enjoyable experience.

See our Returns Policy. Interest to Adventurers Rathess is of particular interest to the returning Solar Exalted, as the Dragon Kings were once their staunch allies and co-religionists in the worship of the Unconquered Sun. We think you’ll have a much more enjoyable experience.


The Dragon Kings venerated their other gods here; those that were less than the Unconquered Sun. We’ve already been saving your edits, so if you upgrade now you will have instant access to your previous versions. Their city is also still rich in First Age wonders, as the inhabitants were once masters of organic and crystalline Magitech, and there may even be relics dating back to before the Primordial War. Have three Atrium Jungles. Would you like to tell us about a lower price? But Han-Tha was a wily parasite, and had held Filial Wisdom back exaltrd his own protection.

Ruins of Rathess | Exalted | Obsidian Portal

It’s been churning an entire city in hundreds-of-miles-per-hour winds since the first age, smashing buildings and mountains to dust and carrying debris of all shapes and sizes. There they discovered the cradles of Dragon King elders, held in stasis since the First Age.

This pyramid stands on the Way of the Sun, six miles east of the Great Pyramid. Amazon Prime Music Stream millions of songs, ad-free. Delivery and Returns see our delivery rates and policies thinking of returning an item? So, she’s got some interesting drama there. I could see Han-Tha being down with that, maybe planning to eat the guy once he tried to make himself the new Sol. I can shamelessly steal from old books that I would never touch if I were running a game for anyone who posts here I mention this because couple of my players went and broke my game last session.

In a sorry state and swarming with Stalkers, the once great capitol of the Dragon Kings had a nominal ruler: