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Bus Adapters (available from ). QLogic SANSurfer Management Suite CDROM (available from. the WWN Emulex LightPulse FC BIOS Utility, KAa: LPeM6: Bus#: Guide 2-Gbps Fibre Channel Host Bus Adapters FC A.1 Page i. document Troubleshooting Guide 2Gbps Fibre Channel Host Bus Adapters, available from.

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If two or more Fibre Channel cards have already been installed in the server at the time of purchase, the one-to-one relationship between the WWNs and Fibre Channel cards may not be easy to determine. Referring to the above tables, check that the appropriate parameters have been correctly set for each Fibre Channel card. Fibre Channel card WWN: Fibre Channel card WWN: Preface This manual briefly explains the operations More information.

The physical address and WWN of a Fibre Channel card are required information in the following cases: Fabric Point to Point” UTIL can also be used for the setup.

FUJITSU Storage ETERNUS DX Configuration Guide -Server Connection- – PDF

When two or more Fibre Channel cards are installed in the server, select fc056702 second or later Fibre Channel card using the following steps, and set the BIOS of the selected card. The actual display may be different.


Do not modify any parameters other than those described here. Preface This manual briefly explains the operations that need to be performed. Configuration Maximums VMware Infrastructure 3: Record the slot position of the installed Fibre Channel card. SRDM is a web-based. Under this default, the device Target IDs may be reallocated as devices are fc00056702 and removed, or depending on how 00a devices are recognized. It is very important that you More information. For installation, refer to the Fibre Channel card manual.

To avoid this, it is recommended that a fixed Target ID be allocated to each device and automatic Target ID allocation be disabled.

Qlogic QLA2340 Free Documentation Download (Official)

Set the driver parameters using the following procedure: Describe each parameter, using “;” semicolon to delimit. UTIL] Installing Windows Refer to the documentation supplied with the product for Windows installation details Installing the Driver Refer to the documentation provided with each Fibre Channel card for details on how to obtain and install a Fibre Channel card driver for it.

Windows Host Utilities 6. For Fujitsu Emulex Fibre Channel cards – “1. If two or more Fibre Channel cards have already been installed in the server at the time of purchase, the one-to-one relationship between the WWPNs and Fibre Channel cards may not be easy to determine. The following 00s an example of this. Optional Remote IP Access.


The following describes each parameter: UTIL Options] menu appears. EqualLogic is a registered trademark of Dell.

Target FC User Guide 3. The workflow is shown below. Topic Configuration s VMware vsphere 5. Record the IP address of the server. This guide provides procedures for installing the kit components. If the parameter is not shown, add the necessary information. For the installation method, slot positions, activation of the installed slot, and notes regarding the Fibre Channel card, refer to the manual provided with the Fibre Channel card or the user guide of the server.

The setup method described here uses QConvergeConsole, however, tools such as Fast! Trademarks SiS is a registered trademark of Silicon Integrated.

The limits presented in the More information. The display contents vary according to the installed Fibre Channel card type and the driver version. Introduction Microsoft virtual architecture: All brand or product names mentioned.

For the QLA, information for two ports will be displayed.