Son of a Polish nobleman, Dzerzhinsky joined the Kaunas (Kovno) organization of the Lithuanian Social Democratic Party in He became a party organizer . Felix Dzerzhinsky. Felix Dzerzhinsky. Communist Morality. Source: “Communist Morality,” published by Progress, Moscow, c. ; Transcribed: by Rasmus M. Felix Dzerzhinsky. Biography. Communist Morality. Source: “ Communist Morality,” published by Progress, Moscow, c. ; Transcribed: by Rasmus.

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Writers Archive: Felix Dzerzhinsky

It was set up on the initiative of V. A separate blog for miscellaneous book reviews. He spent the major part of his early life in various prisons. His voice usually is heard when the situation in question is critical or controversial. He was rather tall, thin and demure, making the impression of an ascetic with the face of an icon May they grow up healthy and cheerful, full of love for their parents and other people; may they grow up courageous and strong in spirit and body; may they never barter their conscience; may they be happier than we are and live to see the triumph of freedom, brotherhood and love I want to be worthy of the ideas you and I share.

Friday, 18 November The death of Felix Dzerzhinsky.

Out there, comrades and friends are drinking our health, and I, alone in my cell, am thinking of them: Credit is due under the terms of this license that can reference both the New World Encyclopedia contributors and fe,ix selfless volunteer contributors of the Wikimedia Foundation.

The event symbolized the end of repression.

I came to loathe wealth because I learned to love people, because with all the fibres of my being I see and feel dzefzhinsky today I would like to head the commission myself; I want the apparatus of the Vecheka to be actually included in the work. At his office in LubyankaDzerzhinsky kept a portrait of Rosa Luxemburg on the wall. A mock-up of the removal of Dzerzhinsky’s statue can be found in the entrance hall of the International Spy Museum dzerzhnisky Washington, D.


As a perpetual wanderer, I am always in motion, in the thick of the changes and of the creation of a new life I am not an ascetic.

Love and hate for ‘Iron Felix’: Why do Russians still debate the Soviet security services’ founder?

Anyone who gets raided needs to sue the city and the FOP. Prior to its relocation to Sofia had been in the Petko Churchuliev art gallery in Dimitrovgrad, a new town established in and named after guess who. Still, he was at the very heart of the uprising, ensuring the capture and control of the post and telegraph in St.

I live for it, feel it near me, it loves me with the childish love in which there is nothing false; I feel the warmth of this love and I terribly want it near me. This page was last edited on 26 Novemberat Just tell them you have nothing to say.

Communist Morality

The FED camera, produced from tois named for him, [33] as was the FD class steam locomotive. I shall go away, but this terrible life here will continue as before.

Dzerzhinsky received a school diploma which stated: For the children are the future! His monument in “Dzerzhinsky Square” pl. Where lies the way out of the hell of present-day life, in which the wolfish law of exploitation, oppression and violence holds sway? He also reminded that in Dzerzhinsky wor ked as an economist and demonst rated quite impressive skills.


Felix Dzerzhinsky – New World Encyclopedia

They must be strong in spirit and know from childhood how to face up to life Newer Post Older Post Home. It is not possible only to feel for people in general, people in general is an abstraction, for what is concrete is the sum-total of individuals.

I have lived in order to fulfil my mission and to be myself Here we have a dance of life and death — a moment of truly sanguinary struggle, titanic effort The visit to the museum was enjoyable, though there was less inside than I had hoped and apart from a minute newsreel compilation no context whatsoever, but finding the bust of Dzerzhinsky more than compensated.

Unfortunately, dezrzhinsky editorial approach may not be able to accommodate all contributions. Click on the ‘Bibliography’ tab above to see my publications.

In fflix to comply with decommunization laws [31] the Ukrainian cities Dzerzhynsk and Dniprodzerzhynsk were renamed Toretsk and Kamianske in February and May InDzerzhinsky was sent for three years to the Vyatka Governorate city of Nolinsk where he worked at a local tobacco factory.

Lauchlan outlined a possible cause for this sense Dzerzhinsky possessed that he was somehow destined to martyrdom. We welcome suggested improvements to any of our articles. My will is to win through and, although a smile is very rarely seen on my face, I am confident in the victory of the idea and the movement in which I live and work