You are thinking about owning this one of a kind Priceless Uber-Rare White Fender George Fullerton. This Hand Made Fender custom Shop collectible. ’49 Snakehead Esquire Prototype 1 Tribute light relic I did not build this one. I was planning my own Snakehead project ever since I saw the Fender Custom. Took me a little searching to find a Snakehead neck, but Warmoth stocks Nocaster to Telecaster is the most pleasing of the Fender range- but.

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I don’t like znakehead pickup guitars. Second Prototype — Broadcaster Model. Leo believed that a hard rock maple neck did not require a truss rod.

Fender Snakehead Telecaster / Esquire. | Lifestyle in | Pinterest | Guitar and Instruments

FenrerMar 3, How many other products from the early s are still being built? Musikraft, Guitar Mill, Warmoth and others I think. May 24, These prototypes were super important for Fender to get things right. Pickguards change to thicker single layer white one and custom color Teles offered three layer celluloid mint green pickguard.

There’s even a Chinese kit, BYO or something like that. Also, a few others I’ve had: Swapping these out or changing the pickup is easy enough to do if desired. If I was to build up a tele, it snqkehead be a snakehead just like your pic. These are the only actual prototypes known to have existed. I agree with Lendryesky on this one.


I now really appreciate the beauty of how for follows function aspect of the instrument exceptthe relatively hard edge along the top of the body, no tummy cut or elbow relief The snake head looks like a prototype from preproduction stages of development imho and that is of course to be expected when designing the Turquoise Edsel of electric guitars. This was the first Fender prototype.

Later it was stripped of its color and had the original neck replaced. Leo probably thought that Paul Bigsby might decide to mass produce his ornate solid body guitars that he was making by hand for a few select players like Merle Travis and Grady Martin at the time. May 23, 3. Leo thought the Stratocaster would totally replace the Telecaster and was surprised both models co-existed successfully.

WoollymonsterMay 23, I’ve worked on a few rediscovered basses recently that had been in cases in attics for a few years. Efnder aren’t only Snakeheads out there without truss rods All Broadcasters have truss rods, where all Esquires have no truss rod. Since everyone was playing hollow body guitars at the time so they likely thought it should be built this way.


Fender Snakehead (no truss rod??) Is that a bad thing?? | Telecaster Guitar Forum

These Esquires were routed for two pickups. The player could easily add the second pickup to the Esquire like the Telecaster had anytime they wanted to. Few things that are different from the Fender Custom Shop version are the bridge and the jack. The custom parts are made well. Mar 3, 9. Also thinking about P90’s.

Fender Snakehead (no truss rod??) Is that a bad thing??

In some pretty nice climates I see the windows open all the time in House 1, while one party usually the wife of House 2 next door has the windows shut and either the AC or the heat on full blast all the time. Mar 2, 4. A guitar that only could have been built snakeheqd an innovative American company like Fender.

TheFullMontyMay 23, When I bought it, I planned on a barn caster. RonkirnMar 3, I wish it had an f-hole for design balance. BadTranslateJul 18, Mar 2, 2.

Clear natural definitely an option. The guitar was painted in a white enamel paint.