Jelly Roll Morton – Finger Buster. Uploaded by Dijnr Van. Copyright: Attribution Non-Commercial (BY-NC). Download as PDF or read online from Scribd. Flag for . Jelly Roll Morton was the first great composer and piano player of Jazz. (Jelly Roll Morton), , New York, New York, General Finger Buster (Jelly. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the Shellac release of Finger Buster / Creepy Feeling on Discogs.

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Tony Jacksonalso a pianist at brothels and an accomplished guitar player, was a major influence on Morton’s music. In being called a rolll egotist, Jelly Roll was often a victim of loose and lurid reporting. Views Read Edit View history. Here the left hand plays a beautiful descending counter line simultaneously with a variation on the Charleston rhythm while the right hand plays a figure in contrary motion.

Jelly Roll Morton – Wikipedia

At the age of 12, he had depression; he suffered for a month before getting help. You’ll receive all 12 pages after purchase.

Perfect Rag Jelly Roll Morton. LOG IN to comment on this review.

He released the fingerbkster of his commercial recordings, first as piano rolls, then on record, both as a piano soloist and with various jazz bands. The Story of the Creole Band. Original Rags Scott Joplin.


But more than all these things, he was a real character whose spirit shines brightly through history, like his diamond studded smile. Johnson and Willie “The Lion” Smith caught his act, years before the blues were widely played in the North.

Reich, Howard; Gaines, William Bb Major Product Type: Jelly Lord Jelly Roll Morton. MN From the Book: If we read the words that he himself wrote, we learn that he almost had an inferiority complex and said that he created his own style of jazz piano because “All my fellow musicians were much faster foll manipulations, I thought than I, and I did not feel as though I was in their class.

Random thoughts, casual writings and specific research on early jazz styles. Jelly Roll Morton Date: In his memoirs, Willie The Lion Smith recalls the story of a mythical cutting contest between him and Jelly Roll Morton in the early thirties: Pep Jelly Roll Morton.

The Collected Piano Music. Inhis “Jelly Roll Blues” was arguably the first jazz composition ever published, recording as sheet music the New Mortpn traditions that had been jealously guarded by musicians.

The public preferred the smoother sounds of the big bands. He formed the band the Red Hot Peppers and made a series of classic records for Victor. Despite the low fidelity of these noncommercial recordings, their musical and historical importance has moton numerous jazz fans, and they have helped to ensure Morton’s place in jazz history.


When my grandmother found out that I was playing jazz in one of the sporting morto in the District, she told me that I had disgraced the family and forbade me to live at the house.

The Rough Guide to Jazz. He used to be around the Rhythm Club every day and stand out on the corner and he used to bull and con all those fellows.

The Finger Breaker

An Essay in Genealogy. Archived from the original on October 22, His New York sessions failed to produce a hit. Retrieved from ” https: He continued to suffer from respiratory problems when visiting Los Angeles with a series of manuscripts of new tunes and arrangements, planning to form a new band and restart his career.

In that atmosphere, he often sang smutty lyrics; he took the nickname “Jelly Roll”, which was African-American slang for female genitalia, and by extension a lover of same.