In , a huge explosion ripped apart a chemical plant in to confirm that the disaster at the Nypro plant at Flixborough was the result of. Failure Knowledge Database / Selected Cases. 1. Disaster of Chemical Plant at Flixborough. June 1st. , Flixborough UK. TAKEGAWA. Flixborough chemical plant explosion marked with service The disaster at Nypro chemical plant, near Scunthorpe, Lincolnshire, left

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I was a serving police constable in Humberside Police and at the time of the incident I was shopping in Baxtergate Doncaster with my family when we heard dlixborough explosion. Neither when they were first built, nor now that they are in operation, has any local or government agency exercised effective control flixbofough their safety. Windows and frames were torn from walls, falling masonry wrecked cars and personal belongings littered streets.

Dramatic Scunthorpe Telegraph pictures taken a few hours after the explosion — showing raging fires and billowing smoke — have appeared in print many times over subsequent years.

Flixborough disaster – Wikipedia

The Atomic Weapons and Research Establishment at Aldermaston produced a report on the infrasonic and seismic waves which resulted. This page was last edited on 14 Decemberat The subsequent official inquiry lasted for 70 days.

When the plant was closed, the statue was moved to the pond at the parish church in Flixborough. Nine other site workers were killed, and a delivery driver died of a heart attack in his cab. Places Changes planned at Gala Bingo hall in Scunthorpe. Twenty-eight workers disasger killed and a further 36 suffered injuries. The occupants of the works laboratory had seen the release and evacuated the building before the release ignited; most survived.

Flixborough brings back memories of when I was Chartering Manager at British Steel Corporation and, until the new iron ore berth was completed at Immingham, in the early 70s we were forced to tranship iron ore at Rotterdam and bring it to Flixborough to feed the steel works at Scunthorpe.

Skip to content Skip to flixborouhg. During the late afternoon on 1 June a 20 inch bypass system ruptured, which may have been caused by a fire on a nearby 8 inch pipe. Unlike the Court of Inquiry, its personnel and that of its associated working groups had significant representation of safety professionals, drawn largely from the nuclear industry and ICI or ex-ICI.

I was a young child at the time and remember the veil of tragedy that fell over that part of Lincolnshire.

Flixborough, 1 June | The National Archives blog

Why do we need the HOC [O] rules on the isolation and identification of equipment for maintenance? The cyclohexane formed a flammable mixture and subsequently found a source of ignition. We were between editions and cleared as much space as we could to cover it. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. It found that major projects requiring financial sanction at a high level were generally well-controlled, but for more financially minor modifications there was less control and this had resulted in a past history of ‘near-misses’ and small-scale accidents, [26] few of which could be blamed on chemical engineers.


Only the plant engineer was concerned about flixboroufh before the reason for the failure was understood, dsiaster the other reactors flixborouggh. We believe that the best practices must be followed by all companies and that we have reached a state of technological development where it is not sufficient in areas of high risk for employers merely to demonstrate to themselves that all is well.

Flixborough disaster

The National Archives holds flixbroough great deal of documentation about the disaster and its aftermath, including numerous plans, drawings, photographs and clixborough statements as well as the Report of the Court of Inquiry.

The explosion led to the biggest fire-fighting operation since the s and at the height of the incident 49 appliances were in attendance. The report of the court of inquiry was critical of the installation of the bypass pipework on a number of counts: A – switch to normal size A – switch to large size A – switch to larger size.

During start-up the bleed valve was normally isolated and there was no route for excess pressure to escape; pressure was kept within acceptable limits slightly wider than those achieved under automatic control by operator intervention manual operation of vent valves.

The Flixborough Disaster includes links to the official report on the tragedy, which you can also find […]. Retrieved 1 July The inquiry report identified ‘lessons to be learned’ which it presented under various headings; ‘General observation’ relating to cultural issues underlying the disaster’specific lessons’ directly relevant to the disaster, but of general applicability are reported below; there were also ‘general’ and ‘miscellaneous lessons’ of less relevance to the disaster.

The plant was re-built but cyclohexanone was now produced by hydrogenation of phenol Nypro proposed to produce the hydrogen from LPG; [7] in the absence of timely advice from the Health and Safety Executive HSE flixbroough permission for storage of te LPG at Flixborough was initially granted subject to HSE approval, but HSE objected [8] ; as a result of a subsequent collapse in the price of nylon it closed down a few years later.

The inquiry sat for 70 days in the period September — Februaryand took evidence from over witnesses. Picture taken 5 days after the Nypro Flixborough Disaster which happened on June 1, The Factory Inspectorate has standing only where it has promulgated specific regulations [13]. The Flixborough site gained a new usewhen Glanford Borough Council decided to turn itinto a modern industrial estate.


The casualty figures could have been much higher, if the explosion had occurred on a weekdaywhen the main office area would have been occupied. Wed 4 Jun at 2: Fortunately, I had a technical report about Flixborough in a personal file I kept in the event of such crises. And at a special service the Rev Peter Hearn spoke flixborrough a memorial — of mallards returning to peaceful waters — which would always be in Flixborough as a reminder.

Flixborough (Nypro UK) Explosion 1st June 1974

I won that skirmish with a more senior editor, a rare event, and look back on that tragic night satisfied that we did everything we could to beat the clock and the opposition.

The plant control room collapsed, killing all 18 occupants. Sign me up to the mailing list Subscribe now for regular news, updates and priority booking for events. The report also commented on matters to be covered by the Advisory Committee on Major Hazards.

It has never been recovered but the plinth it stood on, with a plaque listing all those who died that day, can still be found outside the church.

The Flixborough disaster was an explosion at a chemical plant close to the village of FlixboroughNorth LincolnshireEngland on Saturday, 1 June In order to keep strong control in the plant, the level of authority for authorisations must be clearly defined.

Ralph King suggested that a reaction between water which had settled in one of the reactors and the hot cyclohexane above it caused a massive rise in pressure that blew apart the piping.

Mon 26 Jun at The modification and its supporting safety assessment then had to be approved in writing by the plant manager and engineer. The HSE website currently says “During the late afternoon on 1 June a 20 inch bypass system ruptured, which may have been caused by a fire on a nearby 8-inch pipe”.

We believe that rules relevant to safety must be everyday working rules and be seen as an essential part of day-to-day work practice.

Rules, designed to protect those who drew them up if something goes wrong, are readily ignored in day-to-day work. Now pipe-lines are much larger and the amount of gas or liquid that can leak out is much greater. Education Class Act contest fast-tracked to the final as 16 acts prepare to perform. Tests on flixbofough bypass assemblies showed that bellows squirm could occur at pressures below the safety valve setting, but that squirm did not lead to a leak either from damage to the bellows or from damage to the pipe at the mitre welds until well above the safety valve setting.