“Following the Notes” by Pia Z. Ehrhardt New Sudden Fiction () * * * (Good) Realistic A father and daughter find a small measure of. Stories by Pia Ehrhardt .. I was so excited to read your story “Following The Notes” in the NEW SUDDEN You must log in to write on Pia Ehrhardt’s wall. Ashley Eleby Creative Writing Steve Ersinghaus May 12, Critique Following the Notes By Pia Z. Ehrhardt This author really gets into the language of a.

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Billie — Thanks for reading the book.

following the notes pia z. ehrhardt

I want to stay in that small sweet space between friendship and affair. And thank you for putting your own wonderful writing up.

I put up this picture of somebody else that I found on the Internet. My father looked sad, dumped, and I pushed pai rest of my lemon pie at him.

This counts as one of my top three park days ever. I remember that line well.

Dumb and Dumber • Pia Ehrhardt

It would make me feel dirty. I actually am blue egrhardt with a question mark on my head. Ehrhardt lives in New Orleans. Pia — Thanks for your close read of Routine and your comment. Nice to hear from you, oh mysterious one. For years I had dreams where I parked in front of the drab Liberal Arts building, which in these dreams presented as a white marble, a twenty-story tower. I need an endless supply of socks because Pia never stops knocking them off. That makes me feel great.


Pia, I was just bowled over by ” Spill” and had barely picked-myself up when here came your so generous reading and response to my story ” See? Thank you, Susan and Pia. They were amazed, and imagined her recovery was a full-blown display of the human spirit, but it was theirs, not hers. Thank you for highlighting it, Susan. Many fine writers publish a half dozen books before they pull together such a seamless collection.

The recovery is slow, slow going. So glad you liked that one; I really wanted it to pack a punch. Every time I try to leave a message for you it doesn’t seem to get posted. Even at mine, fololwing creative writing dept. Great interview, Sue and Pia! Thanks for the profound questions, Sue, and for your replies, pia.

Hey Shrhardt, Thank you for folloaing generous words about “Painted Faces. She laughed a little. I hope you love it. You are such a wonderful writer, followig means so much to me.

Now, when I hear the train I think of him. Actually, we visited New Orleans the summer following Katrina.


Ah, that good huh? I’m not sure what I’m going to do with these very short pieces. Several of your characters seek this sense of belonging and importance in extra-marital affairs. I suspect I’m not the fol,owing one here who revisits your stories regularly!

Pia, thanks for your more-than-generous comment about my patchwork pix “Naked Ladies. Yes, Susan, I want to be a better writer already! I read your story in New Sudden Fiction. Basic HTML is allowed. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here They held up their shirts and showed him how to pop out a beer belly. I have written several tales in which followiny has a role. As always, it was a terrific read. I started LitPark a literary playground in in order to build a supportive community of writers and artists who are in this game for the long haul.

Pia, we love you!

Do your kids ever play here? Picking blue point crabs takes a lot of work and tears up your hands.