Editorial Reviews. From Library Journal. Outlawed by the mage-priests of Thimhallen since the Doom of the Darksword (The Dardsword Trilogy Book 2). From the bestselling authors of The Rose of the Prophet and The Death Gate Cycle, the first in a majestic saga of magic, fantasy, and adventure. Born without magic, Joram was one of the Dead, denied the throne of Merilon. For years, he lived among outlaws, surviving by wit and sleight-of-hand.

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Dragons of the Dwarven Depths.

Saryon is foorging, but instead of punishing him, he is simply found a job far from the bishop and especially the library where the forbidden books are to be found. These mysteries were the negative aspects of Earth, Air, Fire and Water: More Margaret Weis that I could not get enough of as a teenager.

It also makes you wonder what Joram possesses — darkswrd than a rocking body — that inspires other people’s unswavering faith in him. Doom of the Dragon.

Forging the Darksword

I never realized, the first time I read these books, how it was modeled as an extension of our own world! She said, “Well, didn’t they suck?

In fact, Mosiah’s dilemma feels the most real of any character’s, as he’s forced to follow Joram into places he fears risk his soul. The Prophecy begins ” There will be born to the Royal House one who is Dead yet will live, who will die again and live again. Moreover, once Vanya learned Joram escaped to the Outlands, why did he send a bumbling catalyst to rescue him?

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See, it’s not really structured like a typically fantasy saga either, even though it’s ostensibly the tale of an orphan finding he’s part of a prophecy ETCETERA There’s an odd, awkward, preamble involving other characters that sortof feels gratuitous, but isn’t.

I read this book a long time ago and while rereading it I was taken back to the first time. I don’t like reviewing book one of a trilogy – I don’t know where the story is going or how it will progress.

Glad for once a series does not go on and on and on. The authors take our world as legend tells us it existed back in the middle-ages, and draw a parallel existence for some of its descendents. They just pulled me in and made me a strange hermit recluse that only surfaced for meals.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. So Joram uses this to his advantage.

Forging the Darksword – Margaret Weis, Tracy Hickman – Google Books

I enjoyed this book and read it only because it was given flrging me as a gift. After all, I have four more books ahead of me. However, the world, though poorly explained, is a very interesting one and I love the idea of it. About Tracy Hickman Tracy Hickman has been writing and exploring fantasy and science fiction since the s. However, the three-man “duel” with Blachloch almost felt like an afterthought. Together, Joram and Saryon begin their quest toward a greater destiny—a destiny that begins with the discovery of the secret books that will enable them to overthrow the evil usurper Blachloch.

Not Enabled Word Wise: Thr the death of Blachloch will affect this is yet to be seen The man was turned to stone, but the woman escaped.

That said, it isn’t as bad as it could be. Its concept of magic as a universally held if differently practiced ability is revolutionary. Is a little proofreading too much to ask? But the authors spend so much time forging the world, that forging the Darksword only takes a few pages.


The story is good, although it’s difficult to read. Given the darksqord of the “Beyond” as a line past where no one returns, Thimhallan may actually be a pocket dimension connected to Earth. Behind this book there is a really intriguing idea: Views Read Edit View history. The man was an enforcer warlock, a policeman of sorts feared throughout the world, and is one who has a vast power available to him.

Forging the Darksword (Darksword, book 1) by Tracy Hickman and Margaret Weis

On the one hand, this seems a lot more carefully put together than the Death’s Gate Cycle enjoyment of which led me herewhich tended to be a bit forginy when it came to details, and was populated by a whole mess of characters — not all of them developed particularly well. The Complete Dragonships of Vindras Series.

And Saryon is firmly embedded in the traditional world. I’ve been meaning to re-read it and see if it was as awesome as I remember. In the chaotic times after the Iron Wars in which the Technologists attempted to take over the worldthe Bishop of the Realm decided to attempt forgibg vision of the future, in order to calm the fears of the populace.

Most of the workings of Thimhallan are found through long expository paragraphs behind the scenes. For pulp fantasy it committed the cardinal sin of being boring and burdensome.