Fostex G16S Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Fostex G16S Owner’s Manual. Does anyone of you have a service manual for the regular G16 without the ‘S’ or even better a straight up solution to our issue? One of our. Free TASCAM Semi-Pro tape Recorder manuals and schematics. the Fostex G16 / G24 manual (21 megs large) ReUpped 9/07/14 Link GOOD.

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Then I messed around with different resolutions times, still too big I have not specific answer to your problem, and I don’t know if the service manual will help solve it. When checking with a spectrum analyzer the original looks quite the same as the recorded one on tape, perfect.

If not of course foetex going to be interfering with tape to head contact by pushing the tape away from the heads ever so slightly. Our tech is watching this thread. I dont even have a fostex, but I thank you for your work.

And check the Head touch condition of tape. Fostex D5 service manual By robyxrd in forum Fostex Forum. Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del. The time now is Only tape looks and sounds smoother Han, I know the Fostex G24 indeed, but I realize now that it has more bandwidth per track manuak it uses 1″ tape. When you “overbias”, try different amounts.



The Ghost of FM. Nicky, make sure that you are doing your record calibration while actually monitoring the levels going to tape off the repro head as oppsed to recording tones, then playing them back and adjusting record electronics.

Sounds like quite the undertaking. Enter your search terms Submit search form. The manual tells me it has to be set to 0db. It just makes the tracks sit better in a mix.

I need a manual for my “new” Fostex G Fostex G16 user manual By cmmps in forum Fostex Forum. November 12, I’ll send this thread to the tech and I’m sure he’ll get it running.

It might be a PITA to scan some of the schematics pages, since fostxe are fold-out, larger pages, but I think the scanner at work is large enough to do single sheet scanning of the larger pages If it were more than ever so slightly msnual wouldn’t be able to record or playback at all, but ever so slightly is enough to screw up your erasure spec, which should be 70dB down or more.

Fostex A8 service manual? EQ is not something you can tweak as much – if you want “flat” response they have probably set it as fosfex as it should be. I almost forgot to mention one of the more common mechanical issues: Is the tape lifter fully retracting after going from rewind or fast-forward to reproduce mode?


Fostex G16S Manuals

Willing to pay for your time. That being said, I usually have playback on my 24 tracks set with a little less bass, and a little more treble. Yesterday I did some tests with manuak different music to two tracks Left and Right and it sounds amazing, never sounded so good.

Don’t know what tape you’re using or what tape a previous owner may have used, but just thought I should throw that bit of info in for good measure and for future reference for anyone else that may come across this thread. I think it’s just says Service Manual G16, but I’ll have to check later today Without a ‘scope or a meter, it is easy to misalign one of these machines.

These machines are getting on in years, so things do fail, but just a little tip I try to pass along when these things come up.

At any rate, I think I got it from Fostex before the S version came out I’m not at my studio.