According to the theory in question, propositions or Thoughts. (Gedanken) exist in the quite special sense of being ‘wirklich’—a. Fregean term of art which I shall. In focusing on Frege’s account of thinking, rather than ‘thoughts [Gedanken]’ or the ‘truth-values [Wahrheitswerthe]’ of thoughts, their approach. PDF | Michael Dummett has advanced, very influentially, the view that Frege means truth conditions by his notion of thought (Gedanke). My aim in this paper is to.

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It was divided into a “primary logic” and “secondary logic”, bifurcating its propositional and categorical elements, and could not deal adequately with multiple generalities. Review of Philosophie der Arithmetikby Edmund Husserl.

Moore, edited by David G. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Though his education and early mathematical work focused primarily on geometry, Frege’s work soon turned to logic. As articulated in the Grundlagen and refined in the Grundgesetze and elsewhere, Frege’s logicism seems to involve: Verlag Hermann Pohle online version.

It gdanke here to note that just as the same object e. Marcus, ; reprinted Darmstadt: It is precisely in its expansion of the epistemic power of thinking along these lines that Frege’s Erkenntnistheorie becomes the most controversial, when viewed from the perspective of post-Kantianism. After laying out the basic laws of logic, and defining axioms governing the truth-functions and value-ranges, etc.

Soon thereafter, Frege began working on his attempt to derive the basic laws of arithmetic within his logical language. Here, Frege tells us relatively little save that they exist. Edited by Peter Geach and Max Black. The view that the sense of a proper name such as “Aristotle” could be descriptive information as simple as the pupil of Plato and teacher of Alexander the Greathowever, has been harshly criticized by many philosophers, and perhaps most notably by Saul Kripke.

The footnotes containing Frege’s remarks are collated and reprinted in Angelelli [] pp. One of the many decisive influences of Dummett’s work was to effect geadnke broadening of interpretive focus beyond Frege’s Bedeutungstheorie to include his account fregee senseand in particular to accord pride of place to the sense expressed by assertoric sentences — Frege’s ‘ thoughts [Gedanken]’ — along with the compositional relations among sense-constituents of thoughts.


Tragedy and Redress in Western Literature: In earlier logical systems such as that of Boole, in which the propositional and quantificational elements were bifurcated, the connection was wholly lost. To rephrase the same point in terms of classes, zero is the class of all classes with no members. There is a reply in defense of Hilbert by A. He had a profound and direct influence on such thinkers as Russell, Carnap and Wittgenstein.

We know for example that “the morning star” and “the evening star” have the same customary reference. Only purely logical and the hybrid logical-psychological thinking that can ‘aim at’ thoughts 57 ; only these other types of thinking ‘can give us epistemic access to those objective entities that are ontologically independent from us and that guarantee us knowledge’ 58; compare Koebner, ; reprinted Breslau: This edition completes the Olms reprint editions of the works Frege published separately.

This is so despite indicating awareness of at least some of this work: Frege was also an opponent of formalism, the view that arithmetic can be understood as the study of uninterpreted formal systems. Clearly, however, these expressions do not present that concept in the same way.

Frege, Gottlob | Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy

Variables and quantifiers are used to express generalities. Essays in Honor of Henry M. Boole’s logic, though innovative in some respects, was weak in others. De Gruyterpp.

Mathematics requires that numbers be treated as objects, and that we be able to provide a definition of gedanle number “two” simpliciter, without having to speak of two F s.

Gottlob Frege

The number zero is then defined as the value-range consisting of all value-ranges the same size as the value-range of the concept being non-self-identical. They are neither created by our uses of language or acts of thinking, nor gedan,e by their cessation.

Selected FeegeCambridge: Garavaso and Vassallo conclude that pure thinking cannot be ’embodied’ in ‘the mind of an individual subject’, since the human mind always does ‘include’ a psychological element Dudman in Dudman [] Translation by T. To Frege, selves — conscious entities that possess Ideas — frge be explained in terms of Ideas. Wright, Basic Laws of Arithmetic: A frequently noted example is that Aristotle’s logic is unable to represent mathematical statements like Euclid’s theorema fundamental statement of number theory that there are an infinite number of prime numbers.


On Frege’s “philosophy of logic”, logic grege made true by a realm of logical entities. We have seen here that he invented modern quantification theory, presented the first complete axiomatization of propositional and first-order “predicate” logic the latter of which he invented outrightattempted the first formulation of higher-order logic, presented the first coherent and full analysis of variables and functions, first showed it possible to reduce all trege to negation and the conditional, and made the first clear distinction between axioms and inference rules in a formal system.

Gottlob Frege – Wikipedia

Frege is able to define all natural numbers in this way, and indeed, prove that there are infinitely many of them. While conventional accounts of meaning took expressions to have just one feature referenceFrege introduced the view that expressions have two different aspects of significance: However, because the senses of these expressions are different–in 1 the object is presented the same way twice, and in 2 it is presented frete two different ways–it is informative to learn of 2.

If we assume that Gottlob does not know that the morning star is the same heavenly body as the evening star, 5 may be true while 6 false or vice versa. Different people are able to grasp the same senses and same thoughts and communicate them, and it is even possible for expressions in different languages to express the same sense or thought. As “On Sinn and Bedeutung.

Gottlob Frege (1848—1925)

Frege had a heavy teaching load during his first few years at Jena. Frege’s Theory of Sense and Reference. Please notify the author if you find any remaining errors.

Begriffsschrift, eine der arithmetischen nachgebildete Formelsprache des reinen Denkens. In the late s and early s Frege developed new and interesting theories regarding the nature of language, functions and concepts, and philosophical logic, including a novel theory of meaning based on the distinction between sense and reference.