Find support for your Discover user manuals, FAQs, hints & tips for your Philips product. GAGGIA SYNCRONY LOGIC J SILVER. LOGIC UL. INSTRUCTIONS MANUAL GAGGIA UL. GAGGIA SUPR. Gaggia Syncrony logic SUP Manual. This is original manufacturer’s file as a onetime Free downloadable with any purchase. The file will be emailed.

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While the brew unit is removed, the brew unit chamber should be wiped down with a moist cloth to remove excess grounds and coffee residues. If the alarm light is on and not flashing the machine is asking for a minor maintenance item to be completed. If you plan on using the bypass doser function on the machine to brew with pre-ground coffee there are a few things to consider for the best brewing experience:. Poor shots can also be the result of incorrect grind settings. The finer direction is indicated by lower numbers.

The video below identifies these mistakes and shows how to correct them: The video below shows proper frothing technique:. When the machine is first unpacked there are several things to consider before even powering the unit on.

Refer to your machine manual for specific instructions for this unit. It is also important to use plain water; detergents and soaps should not be used. To start, the video below provides five useful tips to help you understand your super-automatic machine:. Follow the instructions in the video below to get the brew unit reset to the proper position. It can cause irreversible damage to the machine’s brewing assembly.

SYNCRONY LOGIC RS Machine Manual.pdf

When first unpacking the unit you may notice water or gagfia in the machine. Descaling is still required even if reverse osmosis, distilled, or zero water is being lgic. If this insert is missing or improperly inserted the machine will not be able to create froth. The best descaling product for this machine is Durgol Swiss Espresso Descaler. There is a device in the machine called a flow meter, and it tells the machine when water is flowing through or not.


gqggia If you are not able to get water to flow through the machine at all or none of the functions flow well, then there is something blocking the flow of water through the machine. There are also common frothing mistakes which are made that will result in poor or no froth.

File:SYNCRONY LOGIC RS Machine – Whole Latte Love Support Library

The major disadvantage of frothing with the naked wand is that it reduces the length of the steam wand by several inches. Try the following to resolve the leak:.

A large misconception is that super-automatic machines should have a dry coffee puck after gzggia machine is finished brewing. Janual, this indicates that an adjustment needs to be made in the brewing process suncrony that different beans need to be used. The pannarello should be taken apart frequently and the separate parts should be soaked in some hot water to help remove any built-up milk residues.

Alternatively you can use the machine’s hot water function to fill the cup with hot water before pulling a shot to preheat it. There is a tube that dispenses coffee from the brew unit. The various components trip sensors in the unit which tell the machine the maintenance has been done. Alternatively you can try frothing on the machine without the pannarello attachment.

As a result the pucks will not always come out firm and dry. When disassembling the pannarello please make sure all of the sncrony pieces shown in the video are present.


The video below shows proper frothing technique: Make sure the machine is powered on when doing these maintenance items.

It is likely that scale has built up inside the valve, and the buildup is holding the valve open. The video below reviews how to attach the pannarello properly. As with brewing, frothing is highly dependent on technique. A food safe silicone-based lubricant should be used, such as food grade Petrol-Gel. Your machine features a brew unit logiv cycle. The grinder fineness setting should only be adjusted while the grinder is running if it is being adjusted in the finer direction.

If the alarm light is flashing, this indicates that a component of the machine is missing or not inserted properly.

Frothing is very sensitive to technique, so there is a steep learning curve. Appropriately adjusting the grinder is also important. Inside the tube of the pannarello nozzle there should be a plastic insert which must be present in order for this nozzle attachment to work.

Proper machine maintenance is critical to proper machine functionality. Please check the position of this insert as shown in this troubleshooting document: This error typically indicates the machine logif not being cleaned on a regular basis. The type of bean that is being used is particularly important for super-automatic machines, because the built in burr grinders only accept certain types of beans. The video below identifies sgncrony mistakes and shows how to correct them:.