14 En Route to Global Occupation rently, more than ninety of the one 1 High- ranking government liaison Gary Kah warns that national sovereignty will soon. En Route to Global Occupation has 32 ratings and 4 reviews. Exposes the political forces around the world that are cooperating to unite the people of thi. Versión en Español – (CLICK – Ebo Black) A High Ranking Government Liaison Exposes the Secret Agenda for World Unification.

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The present educational conventions fade from our minds, and unhampered by tradition, we work our own good will upon a grateful and responsive rural folk. Within a few months, I was up to my ears in New Age research material.

Perhaps only a new and enlightened humanism can permit man- kind lo negotiate this transition without irreparable lacerations. A “world consciousness” must be developed through which every individual realizes his role as a member of the world community.

Weishaupt, for example, took up refuge with the Duke of Saxe-Golha where he remained until his death in The Reece Committee discovered the greatest influence of the Rockefeller-Carnegie-Ford foundations to be in the areas of the so- cial sciences, puhlic education, and international affairs via contribu- tions of huge sums of money to secondary or intermediary founda- tions which then selected the ultimate recipients of grant money and research funds. Her prayers and heartfelt desire for people to know Jesus Christ as Lord live on with this book.

In one of these books, entitled Between Two Ages, written inBrzezinski calls for a new international monetary system and prepares the reader for the acceptance of a global taxation system. Those who didn’t would find the going tough. These books promoted Marxist propaganda to the ex- tent that the California legislature refused to appropriate money for them.

But how can this be accomplished if the major textbook publishers are owned or Influenced by establishment insiders? During the s, Congressman Carroll Reece of Tennessee headed what became known as the Reece Committee, which con- ducted a thorough investigation of the major tax-exempt foundations linked to the international money cartel.


In the meantime, the VS.

En Route to Global Occupation by Gary H. Kah

On the way back to my hotel room, my head pounded more than before-I was experienc- ing an information overload! Guided by these illuministic beliefs, the Trilateral Commission has become a virtual carbon copy of the Council on Foreign Relations. Dec 03, Dmitry Dyatlov rated it liked it.

The Rockefeller Foundation had started and financed certain studies known as The War and Peace Studies, manned largely by associates of ihe Council; the State Depart- ment, in due course, took these Studies over, retaining the major personnel which The Council on Foreign Relations had supplied. A New World Order-all in ihe name of freedom and de- mocracy! By working through Japanese and Arab partners, the globalists would be able to advance their agenda with little suspicion.

If you’ve been wondering why everything continues to head in the same direction regardless of who gets elected, now you know occuation Subsequently, during the luncheon conversation, one of the officers shared the following incident, which had jnst happened at their company.

Beneath the invitation was writ- ten Serious Students Only!

I was now prepared to do some serious investigation. Then his food was poisoned. Constitution prohibits private interests from issuing money or regulating the value thereof. After finding out about the establishment’s control of mass com- munication, I was even more appalled, but now, at least, I understood why I hadn’t learned about the conspiracy any earlier.

The Gulf War, I believe, was only the latest tactic used gllbal in- siders to accomplish their goal. Three attempts were made on his life. The American people strongly resisted this move toward globalization, placing heavy pressure on Congress to reject the treaty, gwry keep- ing the U.

Marxism is si- multaneously a victory of the external, active man globzl the inner, passive man and a victory of reason over belief: Rene Wormser, of the Reece Commit- tee, explains how this happened. Rene Wormser, Counsel for the Committee, observed: Tower had been an outspoken critic of the Eastern Establish- ment a term frequently used by conservative lawmakers to describe one-world interests.

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En Route to Global Occupation

Action groups were formed by various citizens in occupwtion urgent attempt to get this information into the hands kha the public. Those bankers who allied them- selves with the Rothschilds and the Masonic Order became wealthy in their own right. A one-world government could not be accomplished through a perceived dictatorship. At one point, I shared wilh him my concern over the disturbing trend I had noticed toward a central- ized world banking system.


That night I didn’t get much sleep. See 1 question about En Route to Global Occupation…. Therefore, I cannot be overly insistent that readers not take these matters lightly.

McFadden, Larry McDonald, and other leaders from our past However, their vision did not include an America of material- ism, corruption, and godlessness, which has become a stronghold for the secret societies; globbal did it include a nation that manipulates other nations for the purpose of achieving a world government I believe that a great many Americans would agree with me on this.

Rumor had it that the cur- rencies might later receive a common image linking them together in an international monetary system. Humanity will then, presumably, lake a “quantum leap” to a higher level of existence. Here foundations nurtured some of occpation most ar- dent academic advocates of upsetting the American sys- tem and supplanting it with a Socialist slate.