The Challenge of Our Time – Fr. George Florovsky. The great Russian bishop of the last century, Theophanes “The Recluse” (d. ), in one of his pastoral. Candidate, University of Oxford, UK speaks on “George Florovsky and Christian Hellenism.” Read about the seminar on the St. Vladimir’s. Fr. George Florovsky Resource Page. About Georges Vasilievich Florovsky: Philosopher of the Orthodox World (1 of 8) · Georges Vasilievich.

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George Florovsky and Christian Hellenism

Indeed, we appeal to the Apostles, and not just to an abstract ‘Apostolicity. Only in the act of faith is this contour’ filled with content. There are, as it were, two basic stages in the proclamation of the Christian faith. He insisted on the study of the Scriptures and of the Holy Fathers. Florovsky realized at that time that there would be no return for him, because Marxism did not accept the history and philosophy he taught.

This point of view, legitimate for the West, has been most unfortunately, accepted also by many in the East, blindly and uncritically. We often forget that the famous formula of the Consensus quinquesaecularis, that is, actually, up to Chalcedon, was a Protestant formula, and reflected a peculiar Protestant ‘theology of history.


What is the basic character of Christian existence?

Georges Florovsky – OrthodoxWiki

The authority of its compiler, S. What the Russian Church most needed, he said, was “a band of firebrands,” which would set the world on fire. Only in this way can our theology be reintegrated into the fullness of our Christian existence. Views Read View source View history. Are we able to relate it to our urgent spiritual needs? It is usual to regard S. It is not difficult to trace most of his views and motives back to the Cappadocian Fathers and to S.

Does man encounter God, truly and verily, in his present life of prayer? The secularizing trend in theology also signaled a crisis of faith. In this sense, we are bound to say, ‘the Age of the Fathers’ still continues in ‘the Worshipping Church.

George Florovsky and Christian Hellenism

It was the common conviction of the Greek Fathers. Cyprian himself was facing the same situation.

In Florovsky was asked by his synod overseers to “lay down the deanship. For all his strictures, Florovsky remained ecumenically committed to the end.

Nevertheless he was there at the beginning, and his basic theological position found an echo of agreement on both sides. It was a dialogue between people who georgr simply interested in the same subjects.


Fkorovsky works with the Church locally, at a sacramental level, and universally, manifesting the lordship of Christ over the whole world. About Tradition, Fr Florovsky wrote: The current overemphasis gerge the ‘first five centuries’ dangerously distorts theological vision, and prevents the right understanding of the Chalcedonian dogma itself. Sergius Institute and prominent exponent of the Russian theological tradition of the 19th century, as well as Berdyaev, exponent of the religious renaissance of the 20th century.

Her purpose is beyond nationality, ecumenical, all-embracing: The real problem, however, is not that of books, but of study.

Glory to God for All Things. What was allowable before when we lived our common Tradition together cannot become unallowable now, because the Holy Spirit was as present then as He is now. Gregory Palamas stands in an ancient tradition at this point. Gregory Palamas as a ‘theology of facts’. He translated “Philokalia,” [see Book Reviews ]; the works of St. The series of Florovsky’s collected works was published by Nordland Publishing Co.