Geranoaetus melanoleucus. Scientific Name: Geranoaetus melanoleucus (Vieillot, ). Common Name(s): . Black-chested Buzzard-Eagle Geranoaetus melanoleucus. Order: Accipitriformes ; Family: Accipitridae; Polytypic: 2 subspecies; Authors: Robby M. Brower and. Black-chested Buzzard-Eagle · Geranoaetus melanoleucus · (Vieillot, ). Order: ACCIPITRIFORMES. Family: Accipitridae (Kites, Hawks, Eagles).

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The adult has a white underside, sometimes with fine blackish stripes; its upperparts are dark grey with a blackish, brownish or bluish hue. Class Reptilia turtles, snakes, lizards, and relatives. Black-chested Buzzard-eagle Geranoaetus melanoleucus. Movements No indication of any movements. Apparently, their main interest at these times is aerial play and display; they tend to ignore places where food is more plentiful or easily hunted in favor of simply soaring alone or in pairs geraanoaetus strong air currents.

Handbook of the Birds of the World Alive. A dog is also audible in the background.

Black-chested Buzzard-eagle (Geranoaetus melanoleucus) – BirdLife species factsheet

Sargatal editorsHandbook of the birds of the world. Buse aguia, Buse noir et blanc Guarani: Birds of Ecuador, p. Many features of this site will not work without javascript.


Historia gerwnoaetus del aguila Geranoaetus melanoleucus: Amplified and high pass filter with Audacity. There are more than 12, regional checklists in Avibase, offered in 9 different taxonomies, including synonyms more than languages. Views Read Edit View history. Connect with us Help us improve the site by taking our survey. Some calls resemble a wild human laugh, others are a curlew -like whistle. Superclass Gnathostomata jawed vertebrates. Rufous crab hawk Common black hawk Cuban black hawk Great black hawk Savanna hawk.

Me,anoleucus refers to the contrasting coloration when seen from below.

Translate Avibase is also available in the following languages: Status and conservation Not globally threatened Least Concern. The nestlings presumably are covered in white down like in its relatives. In Ecuadornesting can be observed all year round; elsewhere it might have a melanoleucue restricted breeding melanoleucue but information is scant and somewhat contradictory.

The alternative genus name Buteo is simply the Latin term used for these hawks in Ancient Rometranslating as “buzzard” in the European sense. Yet as this bird is usually encountered in the wild when it soars, you are less likely to see its grey upperparts. You must be logged in to view your sighting details. Not sure if a second year bird or a recent fledge, too far to tell. This species is also known as the black buzzard-eaglegrey buzzard-eagle or analogously with “eagle” or “eagle-buzzard” replacing “buzzard-eagle”, or as the Melanolleucus blue eagle.


A partial left carpometacarpus — Specimen AMNH FR — as well as a fingerbone probably date from some time in the Pleistoceneduring the last ice age.

Rocky bluff on steep arid slope. The male and female engage in courtship flights, and copulate over a prolonged time of several weeks as the pairs bond.

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Aquila poiana pettonero Japanese: Recorded at the edge of a ranch. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Filtered version on Moore et al.