Facial appearance depends on several oral and extraoral factors. The gingiva is an important intraoral tissue which when affected particularly by pigmentation is. Gingival Depigmentation. shArmilA VermA*, meerA Gohil**, VAnDAnA rAthwA†. AbstrAct. A smile expresses a feeling of joy, success, sensuality, affection and. ser than liquid nitrogen in case of gingival depigmentation. That’s why two alternative methods are used: laser ablation with an Er:YAG laser and cryosurgical.

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The patient was asked to mark the severity of the pain. Pigmentation was absent in the newly formed epithelium, with the gingiva appearing pale depigmentatiin in color after a period of 3 months [ Figure 6 ]. Slicing of the pigmented area done using a scalpel Click here to view. Gingival depigmentation by erbium: However, melanocytes of dark-skinned and black individuals are uniformly highly reactive than in light-skinned individuals.

He concluded that TFE may be used as an off-label product with minor complications in melanin depigmentation of gingiva. A clinical depigmentwtion on the removal of gingival melanin pigmentation with the CO 2 laser.

Gingival depigmentation: A split mouth comparative study between scalpel and cryosurgery

Although healing of laser wounds is slower than healing of scalpel wounds, a sterile inflammatory reaction occurs after laser use. The usage is quite similar to electrocauterization. Gingival health and appearance are the essential components of an attractive smile.


A study on the removal of the melanin pigmentationof dog gingiva by CO 2 laser irradiation. Immediately after removal of the cryogenic probe, the tissue was frozen solid, taking on the appearance of a ball of ice. Cryosurgical procedure The dose of cryogen and the choice of delivery method depend on the size, tissue type, and depth of the lesion. Different techniques for depigmentation include: A novel cryosurgical technique for gingival depigmentation.

The patient demand for improved esthetics is the first and foremost indication for depigmentation.

Pigment recurrence has been documented to occur following the surgical procedure, within 24 days to 8-year long period. The use of scalpel technique for the depigmentation is the most economical as compared to other techniques, which require more advanced armamentarium.

Pink esthetics in periodontics – Gingival depigmentation: A case series

The normal and pathological pigmentation of oral mucous membrane: Cryosurgical depigmentation of the gingiva. We found that the scalpel technique was relatively simple and versatile and that it required minimum time and effort.

No pain or bleeding complications were found. The patient was reviewed at the end of 1 week to be satisfactory [ Figure 5 ]. The wound healed well after 4 weeks.


Pink esthetics in periodontics – Gingival depigmentation: A case series

Therefore, cryosurgery offers a practical technique to improve patient esthetics. This technique is slower than spray technique.

At the end of 3 months, the gingiva depigmehtation healthy and no repigmentation was seen [ Figure 6 ]. Elimination of these melanotic areas can be done by scraping, free gingival autografting, cryosurgery, electrosurgery, and various types of lasers.

After adequate anesthesia was given, diode laser in contact mode was used.

Over the years, several cryogens have been used. Patient’s oral hygiene was good.

depigentation A periodontal dressing Coe-Pak was placed on the surgical wound area for patient comfort and to protect it for 1 week. But this approach needs expensive and sophisticated equipment, which makes the treatment very expensive. Anterior esthetic gingival depigmentation and crown lengthening: The hand held or table top cryosurgical unit filled with liquid nitrogen is used, select a spray tip that sprays within the border of the lesion. Pigmentation of the oral tissues: