Globus Cassus: Christian Waldvogel [Christian Wladvogel, the Swiss Federal Office of Culture] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. [AH] Zurich Dada – Globus Cassus by Aspecto Humano, releases 31 December 1. Zurich Dada – Peta Bytes 2. Zurich Dada – Peta Bytes (Antoni . He called this megastructure “Globus Cassus”. All of Earth’s matter would be used, and the hydrosphere and atmosphere would be retained on the inside.

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Along the edges of the icosahedron run the skeleton beams, the gaps between the beams contain a shell and, where there are windows, inward-curving domes. The polar ice caps would have melted and the Earth’s mass, and therefore gravity, would have declined.

Something does not work as expected? Dreamy, sweet-edged synth pop for those with their hearts on their sleeves.

Transformation of Mercury into a Globus Cassus

This creates four towers. Edit At this point, in the original Globus Cassus proposal the Earth would have shrunk due to having been used up so much. Mercury has only a small amount of water in the form of ice at its poles.


The polar regions would have neither gravity nor atmosphere and would therefore be used for storage of raw materials and microgravity production processes. He called this gloubs “Globus Cassus”. The proposed megastructure would incorporate all of Earth’s matter.

Globus Cassus – Wikipedia

Find out what you can do. In The Senses by Filmico. Retrieved from ” https: Shrink-wrapped gr black vinyl, in black card goobus sleeve and paper inner sleeve. Just what your Thursday needs: Then magma is pumped towards the skeleton, where it is used to form thin shells in the skeletal openings.

Globus Cassus

They detach themselves from the Earth and the Great Rains begin. The thickness of the new megastructure shell would be km, and the radius of the new earth would be just a little smaller than the size of Saturn. Bandcamp Album of the Day Sep 6, These shells store raw materials and other stuff.

Humans and animals rise in the towers to await the end of the rains and start settling on the two equator regions. The atmosphere moves to Globus Cassus. Sunlight would enter through two large windows, and gravity would be simulated by the centrifugal effect. Connections are created between the nodes.

Von goldenen Lettern und edlen Federn”. Globus Cassus’ equator zones would be equipped with a system of trenches cazsus moulds that would become rivers, lakes and seas as soon as the water had settled. Globus Cassus is an art project and book [1] by Swiss architect and artist Christian Waldvogel presenting a conceptual transformation of Planet Earth into a much bigger, hollow, artificial world with an ecosphere on its inner surface.


Electronic Music from Barcelona.

Christian Waldvogel

The more magma is pumped away from the Earth, the more the Earth shrinks. Rivers, lakes, seas form in the topography that has been built there. Views Read Edit View history. The building material is glbous into vacuum-porous aggregate and used to form the skeleton.

A top and side view of the Globus Cassus. A colder, isolated LP.

The magma is made into a very thin shell. Purchasable with gift card. Live And Let Dice Interview. Captures the feeling of a deserted alpine landscape—when summer turns to fall, and it’s just you and your thoughts.