GMDN codes and terms allow medical devices with similar features to be identified and are used by the TGA to assist in. Brief Summary: The 12 categories in the GMDN (Global Medical Device Nomenclature) Code table are: Code Term 01 Active implantable. Pack / Device -. Unique Device Identifier. (e.g. ). Hudson. Generic Device Group -. GMDN Term. (e.g. GMDN Code ).

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There were several means identified to aggregate the generic device group terms of the GMDN using collective terms.

Global Medical Device Nomenclature – GMDN

The arrangement will enhance the application of care to individual patients for medical device, patient risk and safety use cases. Although the GMDN has been designed and xode for regulatory data exchange in areas such as vigilance reporting and tracking gmd medical device safety, there is a need for a set of terms that are more refined than the GMDN category terms, yet broader than the GMDN generic device group terms, to be used in the application of the medical device directives; the use of collective terms satisfies this requirement.

If a template term code has been used to identify any codee in the past, this code has been wrongly applied and is not valid. It defined the general structure of the nomenclature and provided the required understanding of field lengths, data relationships, and so on.

The advent of the European directives, initiated a new era, where national and indeed international bodies were given the opportunity to cooperate and harmonize their efforts in achieving the one thing that they all needed, namely, a standardized method of identifying the products placed in the global market. Retrieved from ” https: The foremost purpose of the GMDN is to gmdb a single, global, nomenclature system, by which the authorities can regulate medical devices; this is also impacting upon the healthcare providers, who are the mainstay users of medical devices, the medical device manufacturers, suppliers, conformity assessment bodies, and other affiliated parties, so that there is only one single system that provides the generic product descriptors, to support patient safety.

It is a list of generic names used to identify medical device products, allowing for efficient and timely information exchange between jurisdictions and effective monitoring by regulators. Please select all that apply: Work by standard organizations such as, CEN European Committee for Standardization and ISO International Organization for Standardizationfrom gndnresulted in a standard that specified a structure for a new nomenclature, for medical devices.


Use of this constitutes acceptance of our privacy policy The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of Rodman Media. Finally, in order to achieve all the positive elements of a UDI mechanism, the use of the UDI should be promoted among all stakeholders, including regulatory agencies, medical device manufacturers, distributors, hospitals, and medical professionals.

Global Medical Device Nomenclature: The Concept for Reducing Device-Related Medical Errors

The GMDN term is in the form of a 5-digit numeric GMDN Code cross-referenced to a specific Term Name and Definition, with which all specific medical devices having substantially similar generic oist, can be kist. This provides security in cases of misunderstandings, language barriers, or discrepancies in the data systems.

Global Medical Device Nomenclature GMDN is a system of internationally agreed generic descriptors used to identify all medical device products. Internationally, it provides a common terminology, enabling global regulatory partners to efficiently communicate and share medical device details. Lst, in order to manage the GMDN, a maintenance agency was set up to form the necessary legal entity.

Essentially there will be improved data management for post-market activities, which will reduce medical device errors. To facilitate the rapid production of the GMDN, six existing nomenclatures of particular standing were adopted.

Services for GMDN Code Verification | OBELIS MEDICAL DEVICES

Codes in the range of 1 — Physeon Enrolls First Patient in U. There are four different types of GMDN terms associated with the generic device groups.

Subsequently symbols, coding, and proposed nomenclature were developed by USA mgdn in and ; there was a CEN recommendation for an interim nomenclature system. The codes are the carriers of the information to which they are linked and should always be used and referred to in any reference to the GMDN or data transaction.

Each preferred term has an associated definition that describes the most prominent characteristic of the device types in the group [typically includes a physical description and an intended use s ]. These covered a wide range of terms defining medical devices and healthcare products that combined, gave a total of 13, gmfn.

Synonym terms The synonym term is the common use or a familiar name used in the nomenclature. This multiple-linked synonym term is a navigational tool only and must not be used for product identification purposes. It is mainly for reasons of patient safety that all the actors of the sector advice development of UDI for medical devices.


National Center for Biotechnology InformationU. The data is defined by three levels, associated with an external fourth level, each level containing data that differs in the degree of specificity.

The generic device ymdn is the most specific level at which products are aggregated, based on common technology or intended use. Support Center Support Center. Health Canada is initiating the transition from its current medical device categorization method to the Global Medical Device Nomenclature GMDNin order to improve the availability, access to, and the quality of information available on medical devices in Canada.

It also provided services and information for access to the GMDN data through the Internet site or other means. The GMDN now provides, for the first time, an international tool for identifying all medical devices at the generic level, in a meaningful manner, which can be understood by all users.

Services for GMDN Code Verification

Prior to the GMDN, many nomenclature systems existed, all built upon different structures, and used locally or nationally for special purposes, with unusual approaches.

There are only three categories of ranges that are used in the coding system for GMDN. The Agreement will benefit patients across the world and all users of SNOMED CT and the GMDN in promoting comprehensive terminology based medical records, covering the needs of regulators, the medical device industry and healthcare professionals.

This is why the introduction of GMDN in a UDI system appears to many regional regulatory authorities and to the industry at large, as an effective tool to protect public health more efficiently. I can’t find lidt I’m looking for. To summarize, we can say that after adopting the GMDN concept gmvn may be, Common terminology for efficient data sharing and communication.

It may or may not actually be synonymous with the term to which it is linked. The following is an example:. These diverse systems, although often workable in their own right, have had no impact on improving the overall situation of providing a common platform, whereby, medical devices could gkdn correctly identified and the related data safely lst between the involved parties.