This document is a tutorial on the Gmsh mesh generator. It is aimed towards complete beginners; only some ba- sic knowledge of the Linux. This list is for questions and discussions about Gmsh features, resources, bugs, and so forth. Useful links: Gmsh homepage (for documentation, downloads, etc.) . Gmsh is a finite-element mesh generator developed by Christophe Geuzaine and Gmsh website · Official Gmsh Documentation · Gmsh Tutorials by Dolfyn.

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If the option General. The number of components must be given max. This permits for example to resize the graphical window in a script, or to interact with animations in the script and in the GUI at the same time.

Gmsh – Wikipedia

Indices of surfaces in the geometric model Warning, this feature is still experimental. However, beware that the quality of subdivided elements initially generated with an unstructured algorithm can be quite poor.

Relative radius of arrow stem Default value: First value of print parameter in loop Default value: Current stable release version 3. Missing edges are recovered using edge swaps 7.

Minimum Z-axis coordinate Default value: With the built-in geometry documeentation the arc should be strictly smaller than Pi. This is most useful in loops see Loops and conditionalswhere it permits to define unique strings automatically.


Restrict the application of a field to a given list of geometrical points, curves, surfaces or volumes. Minimum X-axis coordinate Default value: Compute a basis representation for homology spaces after a mesh gnsh been generated.

Maximum Z-axis coordinate Default value: The list of all the options that control the behavior of mesh commands, as well as the way meshes are displayed in the GUI, is given documentatipn Mesh options list. General optionsGmmsh Not a transformation per-se. The list of all the options that control the behavior of geometry commands, as well as the way geometrical entities are handled in the GUI, is give in Geometry options list.

A built-in function is composed of an identifier followed by a pair of parentheses containing an expression-listthe list of its arguments.

X-axis label Default value: If the user wishes to interface a structured extrusion to a tetrahedral volume without modifying the original structured mesh, the user may create dedicated interface volumes around the structured geometry and apply a QuadTri algorithm to those volumes only. Creates surfaces through the given curve loops or wires. Border factor for model display 0: When an internal node is created with QuadTriNoNewVertsthe user is alerted by a warning message sent for each instance; however, the mesh will still be valid and conformal.


FLTK user interface theme try e. The first list represents the object; the second represents the tool. Vertical position in pixels of the upper left corner of the visibility window Default value: Optimizes the current mesh with the given algorithm currently “Gmsh” or “Netgen”.

Gmsh Reference Manual

Number format for Z-axis in standard C form Default value: The expression can contain x, y, z for spatial coordinates, F0, F1, The first expression-list should contain three expression s giving the X, Y and Z direction of the rotation axis; the second expression-list should contain three expression docmentation giving the X, Y and Z components of any point on this axis.

Adds and affects, item per item, the right hand side expression-list to an existing expression list identifier.

X position of light source 3 Default value: JPEG smoothing between 0 and Default value: Gmsh is copyright C by C. Its design goal is to provide a fast, light and user-friendly meshing tool with parametric input and advanced visualization capabilities.