Check which gnuplot version you have. The loop syntax changed between the versions and • Check which terminals you have installed. This manual was originally prepared by Dick Crawford. Here you see a slightly modified version from the one offered on the gnuplot documentation site. Gnuplot is a free, command-driven, interactive, function and data plotting program, providing a relatively . in gnuplot (v ≥ ). • Consider the . http:// – Here you can find a nice tutorial, explaining Legend, tics.

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You get the list of all hotkeys by typing show bind or bind or by typing the hotkey ‘h’ in the graph window. Other variables may be defined under various gnuplot operations like mousing in interactive gnuplott or fitting; see gnuplot-defined variables p.

Alternatively a new fillstyle may be specified in the plot command.

Official gnuplot documentation

The orientation angle defaults to zero. The value of the rightmost subexpression is returned. Any command-line arguments are assumed to be either program options first character is – or names of files containing gnuplot commands. There are a gnupoot of commands for positioning and translating data since often coordinates are not part of the file when uniform sampling is inherent in the data.

gnuplot 4.6

Only one column the y value need be provided. This white space divides each record into columns. That helps a lot, because the problem is no longer nonlinear and should converge with only a small number of iterations, perhaps just one.


The linespoints style connects adjacent points with straight line segments and then goes back to draw a small symbol at each point. Polar plot mode has been reworked to support additional plot styles.

Demo scripts for gnuplot version

The newhistogram command can also be used to force histogram coloring to begin with a specific color linetype. They are listed alphabetically below. Please see set clip p.

As decribed above, it uses the generic lua terminal and an external lua script to produce a latex document. The second text will be horizontally centered on the first. Finally, a nice quote from the manual of another fitting package fudgitthat kind of summarizes all these issues: The new built-in function time returns the current time of day according to the system clock.

The via qualifier specifies which parameters are to be adjusted, either directly, or by referencing a parameter file.

Thus the center-justified string. Zooming a filled curve drawn from a datafile may produce empty or incorrect areas because titorial is clipping points and lines, and not areas. The width will also be calculated in cases where three-column data are used. The function and parameters branch for each data set are selected by using a ‘pseudo-variable’, e.

Weighting the data provides a basis for interpreting the additional fit output after the last iteration. An integer, but not a real or complex value, is promoted to a string if used in string concatenation.


The labels ” Set A ” and ” Set B ” will appear beneath the respective sets of histograms, under the overall x axis label. One way to find starting values is to plot data ynuplot the fitting function on the same graph and change parameter values and replot until reasonable similarity is reached.

If three input columns are provided, the third column is used for both diameters. A number must be specified for each dimension of the array.

gnuplot documentation

Each step iteration calculates WSSR with a new set of parameter values. Help is now provided via HTML. A screen may contain one or more ” plots “. Key bindings are restored to their default state by reset bind. Additional input columns may be used to provide information such as variable line or gunplot color see rgbcolor variable p. If autoscale is in effect, it selects the xrange from the data rather than the steps, so the end points will appear only half as wide as the others.

To determine from a script if the mouse has been clicked in the active plot window, it is sufficient to test for any one of these variables being defined.