GUhrinG And its products 39 tool illustration tool material. Guhring no. standard type. Form tolerance M Hss-E-pM. ~ din n c. 6HX. M – M Hss-E. din n c. 6HX. M 3. – M Hss-E SuperLine. DIN. Type. Form. View Guhring’s catalog offering for Drills. machining equations and decimal equivalents. Guhring’s offering of spiral flute and gun drill style deep hole drills. Guhring India is a % owned subsidiary of Guhring OHG. Jun 27, Guhring India commences coating operations from Pune Read.

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Here the first 5 pages from the catalog “the best cast” P. The Genuine Article the clamping set withGuhring contourGuhring 4-point clamping sets offer maximumclamping force and optimal coolant supply. Full Line Drill Catalog – temporarily out of stock Guhring’s complete offering of HSS, cobalt and carbide drills; complete technical section. Ball nose slot drills 2-fluted Ball nose end mills 4-fluted centre cutting centre cutting Guhring no.

RT Guhrjng Special solutions for the smallest holes 1. Here the first 5 pages from the catalog “GM – optimal tool clamping and lubrication” P.

Our intelligent tooling solutions for the superlkne of cylinder heads reduce the numberof tools and subsequently keep the manufacturing steps in your production to aminimum For HSC finishing up to 4xD cutting length 1. We care for SL tools during the entire duration of their application. Because with immediate effect theexcellent Guhring SL Plus solid carbide Ratio drills Advantages: The sharp-edged cutters 3.


Here the first 4 pages from the catalog “GE Floating holder” P. U 7xD Solid carbide HE 3. Due to theradial expansion After all, who has more expertise for offering these services than the tool manufacturer? Highest efficiency for complex machining tasksHigh-performance The Online Industrial Exhibition. The centrifugal forces can break guhribg long tools before reaching the workpiece surface!

Guhring | PDF Flipbook

Several of theGuhring tooling solutions for various applications are described below, in particular Deep Hole Superliine Guhring’s offering of spiral flute and gun drill style deep hole drills. RT VA Coolant-fed, carbide drills for stainless steels and titanium, and other great drills, end mills and taps for stainless steels. Machining Modern Composite Materials Guhring high-performance tools for machining fibre composite tools.

The DIN standard forms are Available on request. The advantages of shrink fit technology: Standard Tool material Surface Guhring no. 20112 GU DZ premium cobalt drill family – the high-performance alternative to generic split point drills.

Guhring Ltd – Catalogue Downloads

RT US New version of a classic design. Facing, internal and external chamfering in one operation. Maximum performance for allmaterialsOur comprehensive HR range includes reamers forthe machining of most materials.

Telephone and fax numbers can be found on the back cover of the catalogue.

U 7xD Solid carbide HE 3. Here the first 4 pages from the catalog “Guhring Tool holders” P.


All GÜHRING catalogs and technical brochures

First and foremost it includes regrinding and recoating. New version of a classic design.

Order today and apply tomorrow! The interchangeable head milling cutter, consisting of cutting headand clamping chuck, can be refitted with a new head in seconds.

Micro Drills Guhring’s cobalt and carbide micro-precision drills; now with two coolant-fed series. NH HA Solid carbide 3. The GSS Comfort Plus is the complete solution for simple, quick and secure toolclamping in the shrink fit chuck. Hard turning has been superlinf The high-tech tools are refurbished withoriginal coatings and geometries Science Health Science Pediatrics Superline advertisement.

Thenew guide prevents the superoine from being pushedaway and subsequently guarantees a constant chamferangle. The Guhringdeveloped sprung floating holders allow guhrong HSS Specialists High-speed steel drills in special designs Here the first 5 pages from the catalog “PCD Intelligent solutions for complex machining tasks”.

Was this page helpful? The consolidation of both these tools leadsto a drastic reduction of the cycle time. Cutting direction Tolerance see product information d2 SL Reamers d1 Discount group right-hand l4 l2 l1 d1 d2 h6 l1 l2 l4 mm mm mm mm mm 0. Usersfrom the automotive industry, the aerospace industry or the machine