Gunwitch Allen Reyes biography/ wiki with personal data, trademark advice, quotes, photos, proof of expertise and list of Pick Up Artist (PUA); Dating Author . List of ALL Gunwitch PUA MUST READ articles. Gunwitch PUA is a pick up artist of Dynamic Dating Sex Life. Read Gunwitch’s seduction articles here. gunwitch method is total bullshit yo do not read his fuckin book; he tries to act like he is helping you: btut really he knows nothing about pick up.

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He’s articulate, direct, to the point, and he focuses on masculinity and on creating a more primal sexual connection with a girl.

Imagine if it were your own daughter, son, little sister, girlfriend or mother then you tell me what you think should happen to this person. Newer Post Older Post Home. According to Gunwitch, a direct method should be taken in order to take any woman into a bedroom. I don’t give a shit what your take is on this, what kind of a Miserable, Low Life Piece of shit shoots a 20 yr old girl [or anyone] in the face with a from 3 ft away?

Pick Up Artist Mindsets Gunwitch – I was talking to an old friend earlier and he asked what I was doing at the moment and all so I explained I now teach guys how to get laid.

I started reading the Gunwitch site. And even then shit happens. The self is always coming through. Spite all the freedom, there always will be problems with relations between guys and girls.

It takes a very different type of person to be able to do something so cold and callous as this and I don’t know about you but I would prefer that those type aren’t allowed to walk the streets freely where other decent pka and their children are. My point is that you can’t fake it.


If they just lost a few pounds, their “inner game” would take care of itself. In particular, gunwihch boldfaced what I McPhallus said about Gunwitch being fucked in the community if he’s found guilty, which is true, but that wasn’t the point of the post. Email has a typo.

Gunwitch (Allen Reyes)

Social Conditioning Gunwitch – I just got you realizing how these things you might be conditioned with are negatively impacting your sex life. This man, [and I use the term loosely since he clearly is NO MAN] shot her because she would not suck his dick as he so eloquently put it. Once you get past the stupid name, this is a really solid program …. It is this fellow: In terms of teaching Unfortunately, it seems that some gnwitch incriminating evidence has been pulled off the Internet.

I didn’t associate with [Amanda Tripp], speak to her or even know her first name.

And if guilt is found, let him be crushed. Not always, hence the “luck factor” of many PUs. No registered users and 2 guests. The phrase he is most well known is, “Make the ho say no. Tue Apr 22, 4: You’re trying to make it look like my only concern was gunwitch’s business, which is complete gunwitvh.

Seduction MMA Review – Is Gunwitch PUA Download a SCAM?

Matador uses this technique a lot. I use stuff from every “pick up artist” out there. Getting more women into your life is not the goal. The Handsome Factor Do you think your “looks” keep you from getting laid?


Seduction MMA Review – Is Gunwitch PUA Download a SCAM?

Anonymous April 21, at 7: He also refused to meet with other members of the board, which got him many allegations of being a fraud not getting the success he talked up on the boards.

GWM has worked miracles for me and can for anybody that uses it correctly message me with questions Im going to soon work as a GWM instructor. You can use this confidence and assumed attraction in GWM, too rapidly speed up you’re indirect game where it is like.

Women already do so by wearing make up and stuff like that. He is responsible for promoting the approach of getting into a sexual state to attract women.

Gunwitch was one of the first gurus to champion “inner game” in the community in the form of method acting type interactions pa women, rather than the canned routines that became extremely popular. Your guru has shot someone, and even if he pulled the trigger completely by accident, he’s got a lot to explain.

After I had read this part, I became rather reluctant to refer people to Gunwitch method.

Where exactly does spin come into place here? I don’t like that you defend the “looks don’t matter” bullshit line and calling it an guneitch meme”. Apparently he has a new site and doesn’t use the name PUA anymore.

Mon May 26, 2: