Puratan Katha, Present Day Katha, Katha with Dharna, English Katha · play all. Baba Bhajan Singh (Nanaksar Wale) · 4 files · play all · Baba Gurdev Singh. More Audio Katha added. August 31, Added overnight are 41 mp3 files of katha by Sant Joginder Singh (Badrinath Wale) on the Vivek Churamani Granth.

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The details have become a bit blurry to me at this point, but Bhai Sahib Randheer Singh jee gave 6 years from his own life to Bhai Atma Singh jee and told him accomplish his bhagtee. My wording was not very good, sorry for that. The story went like this: Darshan Singh jee’s words. Upon hearing this, the Hindu grumat became furious and angrily said “well, maybe if hadn’t tied that huge turban and not kept your hair either, you wouldn’t experience the headache!

There are many things in current times that were not around in the past. Waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh Pritam Singh Jeo Can you or someone else tell more about bha’i sa’h’ib Darshan Singh ji. Couple of thoughts come to mind: These talks are not to be missed; so please be on time!!! Sorry, only registered vefchar may post in this forum.

Also was the bani sung or recited? One day while the hindu professor was veechad, one of his Sikh students walked up to him and complained about the headache he was having.

Take a few years from my life and accomplish your goal. British cruelty in India.

II – Gurmat Veechar Download ( Pages)

Darshan Singh jee also explained to me, how naam-dhunee wasn’t done as often as it is done today. And I think this was during the British Raj. And if any hindu made any remarks against the Guru Sahibaan, Sikh history hurmat Sikhi in general, actions were taken against that hindu. CBT – you can get websites and apps that help you through this.


Sorry for going off-topic, but Dr. By Guest rma Started Yesterday at Darshan Singh Jee narratted a story once to us about 2 years ago, where you were also present. Already have an account? For your mood, do two things: Newer Topic Older Topic. The hindu professor had quite a number veecahr Sikh students.

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Gurmat Veechar with Dr Darshan Singh Jee

Please make the most of this oppurtunity given by guru maharaj so please please please do the seva of letting other’s know so they can get insprired and walk on the Guru’s Path Knowing very few breaths were left, he did a bentee to Bhai Sahib that may I end up in a good place in the hereafter. Sahib explained, that learned and chardee kala keertanees, would go into deep bairaag when shabads doing mahimaa of gurmat naam gurma sung, and sangat as a whole would go into a trance and do naam abhyaas for what seemed like forever.

Dhunee is used by Keertanis to become “famous” and “popular”. Personally I believe much like profane music that it is not allowed.

A political hindu group in Canada has even repeatedly requested the Canadian government to ban World Sikh Organization, because it is also somehow a “terrorist” group, all because the WSO can reach out to the Government and have the Sikh voice heard. Do some form of paath daily, even if just japji sahib, along with your naam simran. Please yurmat the comment back. Darshan Singh jee who tapped me in keertan and said: Jathaa gives pehra on Sach and Such and this is why it will always have Fateh!


II – Gurmat Veechar

It must be brought under control. A few weeks ago Guurmat had the fortune of sitting with and talking to Dr Darshan Singh jee about some Gurmat topics and also about his experiences with Bhai Sahib Randhir Singh jee. Until it does, I see no hope for the Jatha. Don’t worry, you got this.

After the paath was completed one of the Singh’s remarked to Bhai Sahib that Dr jee is going to leave us now. Very true, I too used to be a turmat fan of doing Dhunee in Keertan, but after talking to Older Gurmukhs from Bhai Sahib’s time its clear that Dhunee in Keertan was done very rarely, and when it was done it would last for hours at a time.

The mind is easily upset, a veechaf like an unruly child.

But if you are a true Sikh, you will know what flows with Sikhi and what flows against it. He would cling them together and vibrate his naam khandaa in full-force. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. No veechaf what, they’re are still bhramgyani Gurmukh jan who do sevaa and sangat in Jathaa and that will always be the case.