gvSIG User manual – Preference window – Map preferences. This section of the preference window can be used to customise how you wish to work with. Common options. Introduction; Properties; Placement; Visualisation; Allow label overlapping. Common options. Introduction. Regardless of. With this tool you can select which geometric properties to calculate for a visible vector layer in the current view, and then save these properties.

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Migrating Projects to gvSIG 2. El wizard de las transformaciones Apertura del wizard Ejemplo de wizard Registro de un nuevo wizard. Wrong assignment of the field dimensions when creating new string fields in postgis. The geometry model General model structure Primitive geometries Complex geometries Aggregate geometries.

If the layer is a polygon layer, the Placement properties dialog box provides the following options:. Access to ArcSDE 9. Console of error due to there manuao not permission to write tables. Do not use the gvSIG interface while the process is in progress as this can produce inconsistent data states, and even errors. Network pilot Description Credits. Description Credits Version notes New Features. Version notes General information New features Improvements. These depend manuxl the type of layer:.


Basic architecture of gvSIG 1.0. Once the above condition is met i.

gvSIG Desktop – Portal gvSIG

Selecting symbols with no border or no fill doesn’t work. Operations Create operations Register operations Operation invocation. Can’t unrasterize vector layers after rasterizing.

Description Credits Version notes New Features. Normalization extension Description Credits. How do I create a raster layer? Version notes New features Known problems.

Get to know gvSIG Desktop, the Open Source Geographic Information System

The length of the field names is limited. Reference guide Module commonsdialog reference. Legend problem when the field chosen for the symbol is a string but the values represent numbers. The createLayer method of the LayerFactory class is deprecated. Geometries Concept of type and subtype Geometry type Geometry register Geometry creation.

Error al copiar capas en Rutas Relativas. It is also possible to modify a placement style by highlighting it and clicking the Properties button:. Previous versions gvSIG desktop 1. Error al exportar un mapa con etiquetado avanzado. Revision de codigo Dependencias. New Features Improvements Known problems Other notes.


Some sections are only available in Spanish. There isn’t translation for some options. Geometries Concept of type and subtype Geometry type Geometry register Geometry creation.

Revision de codigo Dependencias. How to contribute in gvSIG? Important note for gvSIG 1.

There are two ways to change the janual New features Improvements Known problems Other notes. By default, every attribute is added as a new field.