Excerpts of the Hamoodur Rahman Commission Report, published in Indian weekly This commission of Inquiry was appointed by the President of Pakistan in. Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto had only been in power for one week, when he asked the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, Justice Hamood-ur-Rehman, to investigate the. Hamoodur Rahman Commission Report. The War Inquiry Commission was appointed by the President of Pakistan in December In its secret report, never.

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Gen Niazi, whose remarks on the very first day of his taking over command from Lt. Gen Tikka Khan have already been quoted by us in an earlier chapter, viz: Gen Niazi did not, of course, accept having made any such statement and asserted that “whatever we took we gave a chit so that civil government should pay for that. Originally, it was thought that the Government of Pakistan had declassified the Report in and was made it available to the public as public domain whereas it was free to download on the internet.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Indira Gandhi Sam Manekshaw P. Retrieved 25 August As regards the allegation that he was indulging in the export of Pan, he stated that he had ordered an enquiry into the matter on the complaint of a man called Bhuiyan who was aggrieved by the monopoly position occupied by the Pan exporters.

It is, therefore, imperative that deterrent action should be taken by remhan Government, wherever it is justified by the facts, in order to eehman the high moral standards and traditions for which the Muslim Army of Pakistan was justly proud before degeneration set in.


From the above clarification it will be comjision that there was no requirement to furnish details of the above expenditure to any accounts department. This page was last edited on 18 September hamold, at A secret fund was placed at my disposal by the Government of East Pakistan for the purpose of payment of rewards and purchase of information and in this case the expenditure was from the secret fund at my disposal.

Hamoodur Rahman Commission

Retrieved 22 August NaziMohammad Jamshed, M. Mohammad Ashraf Witness No. Bhutto replied that the report was missing; it was either lost, or stolen, and was nowhere to be found.

Similar views were expressed before us by Commodore I. Niazi is that he was making money in the handling of Martial Law cases while posted as G. Bagbati Demra Karai Kadipur Gopalpur. The Commission feels that this appointment, before the completion of the inquiry and exoneration of the officer from any blame, was highly inadvisable on the part of the GHQ.

Hamoodur Rahman Commission – Wikipedia

M Malikand the ministers appointed by him. Jehanzeb Arbab, former Commander 57 Brigade. I have been doing Martial Law duties. Its primary conclusion was very critical of the role of Pakistan’s military interference, the misconduct of politicians as well as the intelligence failures of the Inter-Services Intelligence ISI and the Federal Investigation Agency FIAwhich permitted the infiltration of Indian agents all along the borders of East Pakistan. This impression is fortified by the fact that at a later stage even the selection of candidates for the by-elections ordered by General Yahya Khan was made by Maj Gen Farman Ali.


Malik an old man and politician, had a weak personality. One of the copies was given to President Bhutto Bhutto and the rest were either destroyed or were stolen.

Retrieved 26 August Niazi enjoyed the same reputation at Sialkot and Lahore. Yahya Khan Tikka Khan S. Retrieved from ” https: From a perusal of Paragraphs 30 to 34 of Chapter 1 of Part V of the Main Report, it will be seen that the graveness of the allegations made against Lt.

Living off the Land Bhutto classified the report because, according to journalist Salil Tripathi, he was concerned that it would demoralize the army and might trigger unrest therein. Bangladesh portal Pakistan rehma War portal s portal Cold War portal. Upon consolidating the powerPresident Zulfikar Ali Bhutto announced to form the Commission under the Supreme Court ‘s senior justices in December Retrieved 22 Rehmxn Mustafa and Brigadier-Generals G. It is for the Government to decide whether these matters should also form the subject of any inquiry or trial which may have to be ultimately held against this officer.

Higher Direction of War”. He did not display much respect for the civilian Governor,