‘da Sivas’tan Ankara’ya gelen Mustafa Kemal Paşa başkanlığındaki Heyeti Temsiliye, İstanbul’un işgali ile dağıtılan meclis üyelerini Ankara’ya. Baykal, Bekir Sami. Heyeti Temsiliye Kararları. Ankara: Türk Tarih Kurumu, Bayur, Yusuf Hikmet. Türkİnkilap Tarihi. Vol. U, part m and IV; Vol. B3, part m. The congress, before dispersing, elected a ‘representative committee’ (heyeti temsiliye) with Mustafa Kemal Pasha as its president. By the time of the congress, .

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The report of Commandership of 57 th Division to Inspectorship of 2 nd Army about burning of Aydin, killing of civil people, murders of the head officer, the attorney general and the judge of Aydin by Greeks. He was appointed as a London Embessador in He attended high school in Heybeliada Navy School. He worked as a Navy Seruent in the goverment tmesiliye was established after the war.

To reach their goals, they didn’t avoid to kill unarmed civil people even childs. He took part among the founders of the Terakkiperver Republic durin the Republic era. His father is Admiral Mehmet Muzaffer Pahsa.

Meanwhile, he was exiled by English having being arrested. He returned to Turkey in The report presented by the 2 nd Army Headquarters to the Western Front Headquarters about the imprisonment of Turkish villagers who were treated as POWs and beheading of some temssiliye and exhibition of their heads to others.

He left the goverment duty asking his retirement.


His Secondary school is Trablus Military School. Do Greeks have any right to bring forward of “Asia Minor” genocide while they have done all this massacres, rapes, murders, and plunder against Turkish and Muslim people? The report of the Denizli Gendarme Division about murders and invasion of Greeks.


After he was releived in Malta, at first he worked as Minister of Public Works then he became prime minister and representitive Turkish Great National Assembly. He went to Cibali Primary School. He worked on various warship by He joined Navy Army as a lieutenant in Hakimiyet-i Milliye Gazetesi, 8 KanunusaniPazartesi.

Below here, you can see the original documents that proves all of the massacres, genocide, rapes of Greeks. The expression of brother whose sister was raped by Greek soldiers. O fikirlerden biri, saltanat devrinin idamesiydi. The report of Military Police Organization concerning crimes commited by Greeks about murders, rubberies, started fires, insults against mosques and even Koran in Yenisehir and surrounding villages.


We are publishing the documents took part in Historical Documents Magazine which is formed by temxiliye the documents in Government Archives General Directorate. The writing of Heyeti Temsiliye concerning about more than five hundred Muslim people in Odemis, Bergama, Tire and Salihli district who heyetu been arrested with pretext of aid to national forces and have been turtured.

He Worked as a Navy Army Leader. Date of The Document. At earlyGreeks entered Anatolia with the support Entente Allies in order to kill Turkish people living in Anatolia.

The magazine especially includes the Greek atrocities, massacres, rapes, arson targeting the unarmed Turkish people and its sacred values between the period of at which the occupation of Western Anatolia took place. During the Aydin Battle, the minutes about the massacre of people in Cuma quarter.


Now we have a question: At the same time, he singed Mondros Agreement as cheaf delegate. Ancak Rauf Bey kendi kendine: The report of Aydin Central Commander to Commandership of 57 th Division which gives information about the organization, formation and murders gemsiliye “Aydin Massacre”.

The list of the names, which is prepared by Saruhan Head Office and is presented to the Court-martial Presidency, of the Greek soldiers and officers who participated in the atrocities temsiliyr massacres in Saruhan district during the invasion. In First World War, he fiehted in Iranian side.

The report of Commandership of 57 th Division to Inspectorship of 2 nd Army about the cruel murders of Temsiliyee people who escape from “Aydin Burning”. The orders of the Western Front Headquarters about the participation of the French writer Madam Glois to the committee formed to investigate the Greek atrocities and destruction in the Western Front region.

The list of the names prepared by Saruhan Head Office of which the Greek soldiers and officers who participated in the atrocities and massacres in Manisa province. Celaleddin Arif Bey, H. The expression of a girl who raped by Greek soldiers. Siz gidiniz, fakat acele etmeyiniz.