It is almost ten years since I first read Lowry’s The Homiletical Plot. It was in preparation to teach an elective course for our two week “Winterim.” The “aha!. The Homiletical Plot provides a plotline for narrative sermons which suggests the preacher might typically move through five discernible stages. The Homiletical Plot The Sermon as Narrative Art Form a.k.a. “The Lowry Loop” by Eugene L. Lowry A book summary by Rob Guenther.

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Whoever gave that advice is an idiot! This expanded edition continues to be an excellent teaching resource and learning tool for all preachers from introductory students to seasoned clergy. Preaching John Robert Kysar Limited preview. This site uses cookies.

The Homiletical Plot, Expanded Edition (Paper)

One puts bricks of thought together and tries to make it look nice. Chapter Eleven — Biblical Narrative Preaching. How does he feel? It is relatively short pp yet has many strengths. Notify me of new posts via email. Look to the Greek and Hebrew and other translations. We love homilegical, suspense and resolve. This gives the clue to solve the problem.


What assumptions are brought to the table? Why do the translations do what they do? I like to study, learn, and critique books throughout my Christian, Lutheran, worldview.

You are commenting using your Facebook account. But stage four whee! You are commenting using your Facebook account. Upon its release, The Homiletical Plot quickly became a pivotal work on the art of preaching.

Prodigal Son — Surprise!

The other lets the story develop and tell itself. There are two kinds of preachers. I too have found his explanations and outline hard to understand, but I have difficulty with all five. Selected pages Title Page.

The Homiletical Plot – A Book Summary | Rob Guenther’s Book Summary and Review Blog

Email required Address never made public. Depict rather than report. Chapter Three — Plot Forms. On one hand the book is highly refreshing and challenging — it certainly contains much for us to learn. Lowry, The Homiletical Plot, Expanded Edition follows in the same solid tradition of its predecessor. Other New Homiletic writers have been criticized for writing well, but failing to provide a clear model of what they are suggesting.


References to this book Sharing the Word: It teaches how to use your strengths, exegete the scriptures, plot the sermon, and homkletical the message to the Inductive — Starts with the problem.

The Sermon as Narrative. As you read some of the messages that have formed us at Watershed, see if homileetical can identify the homiletical plot.