The Hot Shoe Diaries has ratings and 69 reviews. Richard said: The interesting thing about this book is that it has an enjoyable, casual style, ins. Another is I’ve been writing like a banshee on my new book, due in December, “ The Hot Shoe Diaries, Creative Applications of Small Flash,”. Hot Shoe Diaries is what it would be like ______. Warning: Contents Under Pressure Okay, so I am thinking an editor, say, some guy named Ted Waitt, maybe.

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The Naked Presenter Garr Reynolds. Still, all of his anecdotes are incredible, and what you can glean from them is valuable. Always love your stories Joe. Other books in this series.

Photographing Aliens with the Nikon Z 7! In addition to his paid and freelance work, he is Kelby instructor, and tours the country, giving hands-on training in major cities.

Very useful stuff inside. Aug 03, Anthony rated it it was amazing Shelves: Hey Joe, great post! Notify me of follow-up comments by email. I’d add several more paragraphs but instead will, for now, refer you to my professional review of this great addition to any photographer’s library. I wouldn’t know how to operate my new flash without the manual, but this book shows how all of those features are used to create photographs.

Nuts ‘n’ Bolts In an improvement over his first book, Joe actually spends some time talking about the gear that he uses — diries with pictures. Diares the way, of course, there will be lots and lots of pictures, some good, some not so. Joe McNally has been successfully marrying the creative and technical aspects of photography for decades. The Russians were impressed that I suffered on the ice all day with them, and that of course led to a vodka soaked dinner at the polar observatory where we were housed.


This book w This was fine but really is no more than a series of anecdotes. He took another hit off of his Lucky and one last sip of his scotch.

The Hot Shoe Diaries « Joe McNally’s Blog

Knowing you it is going to be great anyway, but it would be nice if one of diaties guys did something with Canon as well…. Joe’s philosophy leans towards the “less is more” approach. So much gelling of flashes to give the look of the sun, but it doesn’t look like the sun Interesting stuff, but not quite what I’d hoped for.


Tremendous work with this blog. I must appreciate the author for his work. This is a quick run down on how to perform specific tasks with the SB and SB flash systems.

Ron Martinsen’s Photography Blog: REVIEW: The Hot Shoe Diaries by Joe McNally (UPDATED: 5/10/09)

Hi Joe, stop reading these comments and finish the damn book! Two or More This chapter is pretty cool because Joe basically shows how two or usually more speedlights can accomplish what people traditionally would use strobes to accomplish.

Another event in the history of small flash will be noted…. Couple of reasons for blog lite or, truth be told, blog zero over the last two weeks.

If I had bought diariss Canon camera in instead of a Nikkormat, I would have written about it from that perspective Cannot recommend this book enough. McNally is a little rambly and over-colloquial some of the time, but he also knows his stuff, so this is full of useful practical adivce for increasing your lighting options anywhere you may be shooting.


Don’t let that turn you away, though, because McNally’s writing is so wonderfully chatty and helpful that you can’t help but learn something. He relies almost exclusively on the use of hand-held strobes in pulling off some really amazing results.

Part one Nuts and Bolts is a 40 or so page introduction to the equipment, grip, and other best practices. The last 3 shots seem particularly different from what you normally shoot. Anyhow, I was surprised… no, actually stunned to find that you are not represented on this site at all!

He mixes a good bit of humor into his narratives keeping everything on the “light” side. I appreciate the casual writing style, but it can be a bit much at times I don’t think there’s a single “because” in the entire book — just “’cause” throughout.

Probably most every skilled photographer knows the technicalities behind the techniques Joe uses.

The Hot Shoe Diaries : Big Light from Small Flashes

A flashy little book about flash photography. One of the differences is that the book is Riaries McNally’s creation, allowing him to say what he thinks about any equipment given the freedom to speak, he has high praise for the reliability and versatility of Nikon equipment. Whenever I need a push to get my creativity going I pull out this volume and flip to a chapter.

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